Hi, thanks for your interest in knowing about me.

Well, I am one of those super old monks living in the caves of Himalayas. I have been practicing yoga and doing meditation from past 246 years. Yes, I am 259 years old now. After getting bored in Himalayas, I thought of sharing all the knowledge to the people which I earned. So, I created a blog called Tipsmonk and started sharing tips for free.

Have you believed that ? No, please don't believe. I am just kidding. 

Now speaking frankly I am just another Indian who loves reading Epics, speaking about Spiritual related things and sharing useful tips. I read a lot of books, really a lot. With all those books, I earned some good amount of knowledge, which I always thought of sharing to people around me.

And on one fine day, I decided to start a blog and share some good tips ( really, so good and useful tips, just read my posts ) on various categories I know. Then I bought a domain called Tipsmonk.com from Godaddy. And Google's Blogger helped in making my dream come true. 

Though the website mainly focuses on Tips, I also share suggestions, ways, solutions and of course a lot through Tipsmonk. And I am not the only one who writes for Tipsmonk, but also some other bloggers. If you got some good tips that could be useful to others, then please don't hesitate to mail me those tips to tipsmonk@gmail.com .


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