Bolt Coffee Shots Review

Bolt Coffee Shots Review - Bolt Cold Brew

I first came across Bolt Cold Brew via a Facebook ad and found it super interesting! I mean, cold brewed black coffee with hardly any calories and with twice the energy as a Red Bull? Sign me up!

I went ahead and placed an order from their website for a pack of Bolt shots. Although it was an exciting product, I still was a little unsure- I never had flavoured coffee shots ever before.

The pack was delivered to my home within a couple of days and, let me tell you, it was love at first sight. The packaging was absolutely brilliant and felt very playful and fun! It featured the troop of Bolt cartoon characters- whom I was first introduced to on their instagram! Anyway- inside the pack you will find six Bolt coffee shots flavours, which are- Blew Berry, Gin Gerry. Vivid Vanilla, Sassy Saunf, Loopy Lemon and Pure Black.

So, as far as I’m concerned, I need coffee for two things- one is for when I wake up and feel super groggy and the other is before I head to a workout. I figured I’d try a shot and see what difference it makes to how I feel!

The first Bolt shot I had was right after I woke up and boy! It just punched and kicked the sleep right outta me! I felt awake and energized in an instant and felt absolutely ready for the day after the shot!

The next day I woke up, I woke up late and had to rush to my gym before the workout began, so I made sure to take a Bolt shot along with me. Right before the workout started, I drank one up and it made an instant difference! I just couldn’t believe that one tiny little shot of Bolt coffee could help me feel so active  throughout the workout. My performance was better too.

I absolutely love this product and am a huge fan of these flavoured coffee shots. On the whole, it makes for a very interesting and fun product and something that I’d always want to keep with me in my fridge! I would rate this product 5 out of 5 for its packaging, taste, and feel and it’s something I’d wholeheartedly recommend to all my friends.


Strong, hard-hitting, and with all the right notes of bitter in it- the Gin Gerry Bolt shot is an absolute treat. With an unmissable hint of ginger in it, it makes for a unique combination with the cold brewed coffee and is the perfect caffeine pick-me-up you never knew about.

Bolt Coffee Shots Review - Bolt Cold Brew


Not in a million years would I have thought cold brewed coffee would marry blueberry so well. The signature fruity flavour of the blueberry sits comfortably alongside the refreshing taste of the cold-brewed coffee, making it feel very playful and exciting on the palate. The packaging of the bottle is an absolute treat too- with a fun aesthetic to it.


Okay, I’ll be honest here- this one is not my favourite. But I do not like Saunf anyways. However, it was refreshing and the aroma was  nice.


Subtle. Soothing. Delicious. That’s just your first impression of the Vivid Vanilla shot. As you drink your way through the bottle, you will find that it is really smooth and that the vanilla flavour goes along really well with the coffee. It brings a tinge of sweetness that only adds to the taste of the cold brew but doesn’t change it into something entirely different. If you’re looking for something that’s as close to the original Bolt Cold Brew but is just slightly different- this is the one you’ve got to try!

Bolt Coffee Shots Review - Bolt Cold Brew


This is the one that stays truest to the essence of cold brewed black coffee, with all the purity of the original and double the punch. It’s an absolute powerhouse of a shot and gives you an instant energy boost, the only trade-off being you’d be left wanting a lot more!

Overall Review : 5/5


  1. Tried these shots a couple of days ago .. they are really amazing ..

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