5 Expert Tips for Keeping Your Digestive System Healthy

5 Expert Tips for Keeping Your Digestive System Healthy

Your digestive health is much more diverse than the food you choose to eat. While it takes proper food intake to boot your nutritional absorption, it also takes a balanced approach to health, which includes critical factors like hydration and exercise, especially if you are trying to lose weight. Neglecting your health has several consequences, so here are five expert tips for keeping your digestive system healthy.

Develop a Schedule for Eating

1. Develop a Schedule for Eating

Developing a routine to eat three nutritious meals a day with snack intervals will promote healthy digestion. Research by Harvard Health found that those who did not eat regularly weighed more than those who ate small portions on schedule. It is easy to forget to eat properly because of work and family responsibilities. Missing meals will cause havoc on the digestive system as the body goes into starvation mode to reserve calories. Eating on schedule allows for the normal digestive process to occur.

Add Fiber to Your Diet

2. Add Fiber to Your Diet

The experts at WebMD note that people need 25 grams of fiber each day but should be added to your diet along with more water to give time for your digestive tract to adapt to the changes in fiber intake. A diet high in fiber adds a host of benefits including the prevention of digestive issues like hemorrhoids and irritable bowel syndrome. Fiber is also the secret to avoiding hernia complications as you are much less likely to suffer from constipation and strains when you have a healthy digestive system.

Hydrate Your Body

3. Hydrate Your Body

According to the experts at Nutrition Today, adults should drink at a minimum of 2 liters of water per day. Along with fiber, water consumption is critical for a healthy digestive tract as fiber draws upon water consumption to create a soft stool. As it is estimated that up to 70 million Americans suffer from gastrointestinal diseases, the loss of hydration leads to diarrhoea with is a prevalent issue that causes damage to the small intestine.

Limit Fatty Foods

4. Limit Fatty Foods

A vital component for healthy digestion is the protein accessible in lean meats. You should also avoid fat-containing meats as it complicates digestion. You must reduce any of the foods that are high in fat content as it increases the risk of constipation. If you eat fatty foods, make sure you balance it with fiber to make digestion easier to manage.

Add Probiotics to Your Diet

5. Add Probiotics to Your Diet

Probiotics are critical to your diet as they add healthy bacteria that aids in digestion. As your stomach houses gut microbiota, the probiotics balance out the presence of the unhealthy bacteria that causes stress on the stomach. As the stress causes damage to the stomach and small intestine, it also breaks down the lining of the enteric system and disrupts communication between the nervous system and brain. When probiotics are introduced, the gut microbiota promotes stronger immune and digestive systems. Yogurt is a great source of probiotics, but you can also take a supplement as well.

By adjusting your lifestyle choices, getting daily exercise, and managing your stress levels with yoga or meditation, your body will receive additional benefits from each recommendation.


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