The Best Fitness Style for Your Body Shape

The Best Fitness Style for Your Body Shape - Tipsmonk

If you are new to fitness, you probably did not know that different body shapes require various fitness approaches. The mention of the pear or apple body shape could be a new thing altogether. Now that you are here, this is the best opportunity to learn what all this new information means. Most women who have been in fitness for a long time and have been applying the right strategies based on their body shape can attest that results are great. Some of them even go ahead to use reliable gear from websites like steroid-seller, which further enhances the results.

The Straight Body Shape

Some women have this body shape. It is easy to identify this as your body shape when your shoulder measurements are the same as those of the tummy and hip areas. According to many, this is the perfect body shape of a supermodel especially when maintained well through workouts and diet.

When it comes to exercises, it is crucial to select those that work the core thoroughly to avoid the risks of a big tummy. Also, ensure that the glutes are worked well to keep them toned. Since all parts are equal, you also want to focus on the upper body to avoid giving too much focus to one area and leaving out the other. Squats, lunges, leg presses and weightlifting will do the trick.

The Pear Body Shape

Looking like a pear means you have a larger hip area and a smaller tummy area. It makes a woman appear to have bigger hips and a bigger butt. Most women now want this shape because they claim that it makes them more attractive. Again, it is easy to maintain it through exercise and diet.

Give more focus to the upper area so that it does not appear weak. Ensure that the arms, shoulders and the chest are well toned. If you can focus on exercises that create larger breasts, then this will be a great approach. However, the core area and the lower body should also receive moderate exercise to keep them tight and in good shape.

The Apple Body Shape

Another popular body shape is the apple. Women with this shape will know it if their shoulders are larger than the hip area. They will also have smaller thighs and legs than their upper area. This body shape almost looks like an inverted triangle.

The main focus is to grow the lower body and make it look attractive. On top of eating an appropriate diet, ensure that you complete enough squats, legs presses, jumping jacks and jogging. They will nicely promote the hip, thigh and butt areas to grow bigger. In the meantime, remember that the arms and shoulders need to moderately keep fit as well.

If you are lucky enough to have any of these body shapes, then you already know what to do when it comes to fitness. There are numerous tutorials out there on the best workout schedules that you can select to promote your fitness. Choose them well, using the highlights provided here.

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