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The Long Term Side Effects of Weightlifting You Should Protect Yourself From

The Long Term Side Effects of Weightlifting 1

Taking care of yourself involves looking at your lifestyle in a holistic manner. Extrinsically, you must look at things like your work, family and future planning. Many weightlifting enthusiasts consider themselves healthy because, you know, fitness. But, what they don’t think about is the long term effects of weight lifting.

Furthermore, they don’t plan for these long term consequences. Looking after your well-being involves more than body’s health, it involves your family’s stability. This would involve looking at things like insurance and how this meets your goals of taking care of yourself and your family. You can use this chart to compare plans.

Intrinsically, you must take care of your body, mind, and spirit. This means making sure that even though there is a lot you can do, you must not overdo it. Weightlifting is one such thing that does wonders for your body, esteem, and wellbeing. However, if overdone, it could end up with some negative side effects.

Weightlifting and working out has countless, undeniable, scientifically-proven benefits that make it an irreplaceable activity. In this article, we cover three serious side-effects of weightlifting with the purpose of encouraging you to safely lift and to protect yourself.


The Long Term Side Effects of Weightlifting Bone problems 2

This refers to joint injury and inflammation and is brought about by one or more factors. These factors are divided into pathological factors and non-pathological factors. While different, both can occur at the same time. Pathological reasons include rheumatic diseases such as arthritis that eat away at the joint structures and lubrication (synovial fluid), causing severe joint pain.

For a weightlifter, non-pathological factors are the greater risk. Due to the extreme strain joints undergo during weightlifting, joint structures can get injured and worn down over time, leading to chronic joint pain. To avoid this, make sure to take dietary supplements that replenish synovial fluid and keep your joints healthy.

Disc Degeneration

The Long Term Side Effects of Weightlifting Vertebral structures

Vertebral structures are another area of the body that can become worn down over time due to extreme weightlifting. As you lift weights, pressure is applied to the discs that support the spinal cord and upon which back muscles are anchored. Over an extended period of lifting weights, these discs can become so compressed that they begin to degenerate.

When this happens, back movement may be hampered, and pain may result from discs grinding against each other. To avoid this, remember to always wear a support belt when weightlifting. Also, stretch out your spinal cord by hanging from a power rack and folding your legs at the knee so your back muscles relax and stretch out.

Liver Damage

The Long Term Side Effects of Weightlifting Vertebral structures Liver Damage

The liver is where supplements and other drugs taken during weightlifting go to be metabolized in readiness for excretion. Over the years, as you take supplements, your liver will work hard to safely get rid of any byproducts. If you take too many supplements or do not hydrate well, over time, this could weaken your liver and result in liver damage.

Taking anabolic steroids and other performance enhancement drugs will also make the situation worse. To keep your liver healthy, avoid taking too many supplements and instead focus on having a healthy diet. Also, avoid taking performance enhancement drugs as they will have unsavory side effects.

Weightlifting is a beautiful sport. But like any other good thing, too much of it can be dangerous. Be sure to pace yourself, monitor your body and stick to what works for you. This way you can avoid these and other side effects of long-term weightlifting.


  1. Hey, very nice article. I came across this on Google, and I am stoked that I did. I will definitely be coming back here more often. Wish I could add to the conversation and bring a bit more to the table, but am just taking in as much info as I can at the moment. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis, taking steroids, and supplements IS NOT weightlifting.

  3. Steroids, arthritis, and supplements are not weightlifting.