A diet regimen incorporating xantham gum for cancer patients

Cancer the word itself is too frightening given the amount of courage one needs to fight this deadly disorder. Fighting cancer involves a lot of lifestyle changes. Incorporation of xantham gum Australia is one such lifestyle change that if you undertake within your diet will help you to fight this deadly disease while providing respite from the various therapies (chemotherapy and radiotherapy) one has to undergo while treating cancer. According to reports around 17000 people in Australia die of cancer almost every year which is a high figure considering the population of Australia.

Xantham gum Australia is laden with cancer fighting properties

Xantham gum Australia helps fight cancer

Xantham gum has been known to slow down the growth of cancerous tumours and prolongs the life of mice on whom experiments were conducted. Although it has not been tried on human beings so far in the lab but since xantham gum is used in the kitchen as a thickening and binding agent so incorporating it in the daily diet is not at all harmful. Apart from that xantham gum is used in cosmetics since it improves the skin conditions and is also used in hair care. People allergic to gluten can use xantham gum freely.

Getting vegetables fruits and whole grains in diet helps fight cancer

Xantham gum and fruits for cancer

The basic idea is to have as many as antioxidants you can have in your diet while fighting cancer. This is possible if you have food that is high on flavonoids and carotenoids. People suffering from cancer have to maintain a rich diet since they are going to suffer from the aftermaths of chemotherapy and radiotherapy the most commonly used therapies in cancer patients. Plus they need to ensure not to feed the tumorous tissues inside their body. Garlic, berries, cruciferous vegetables (such as broccoli and cauliflower), tomatoes, and leafy greens, along with red onions, cinnamon, apples, pomegranate, papaya, pumpkin, and broccoli sprouts not only provide variety to cancer patient but also help the fight against cancer internally.

Fiber is an essential part of cancer fighting diet

Fiber and xantham fight cancer

Dietary fiber like whole grains, lentils, peas, beans, fruits and vegetables need to be incorporated in the diet. Fiber not only allows a movement of the digested food in the digestive tract but is also a rich source of nutrients for the human body especially when fighting cancer. A small example of how fiber helps fight against cancer – Apple the most commonly found fruit when ingested in copious quantities makes sure that the natural fiber present in it ferments in the colon which produces chemicals that help fight the formation of cancer cells. An antioxidant called procyanidins present in apples triggers a series of cell signals that results in death of cancer cells. Thus apple still holds the age old adage of “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” alive.

Soy products have to be part of cancer fighting regimen

It has been observed that some cancers are hereditary. The recessive genes sometimes ensure the occurrence of cancer no matter how much careful you have been with your health. In such cases soy needs to form an important and major part of the diet. Soy needs to be had in ample quantities before the onset of puberty till adulthood. Tofu and edamame are the most commonly used and the most sought after soy that have the ability to build resistance against cancer. Although soy has also been connected to breast cancer still latest reports reveal that people who had a regular intake of soy had a much better survival rate than those who didn’t have it.

A few things that cancer patients have to bid good bye

Dairy products, alcohol and meat have a link with cancer. Dairy products with prostrate, alcohol is known to cause liver cancer, breast cancer and cancer of the digestive tract. Red meat and processed meat have been known to cause and spread many kinds of cancers. It is always better to be moderate on cancer causing diet ingredients and increase the intake of food products like xantham gum, apples, avocados, green leafy vegetables and food products containing high quantities of antioxidants. Plus eat slowly and eat less. Fill up only one third of your stomach and you are going to live long and live healthy.

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