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5 Good Reasons to go for Ayush Arogyam Franchise

Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medical science which is ignored in 20th century has grown it's popularity today and became one of the profitable business today. Today, Ayurveda is not just popular in Asian countries, but also got famous in western part of the world too.

With Government's Support for Ayurveda through Ayush, the Ayurveda Business is growing day by day in the country. An instance to prove the future of Ayurveda Business is, Baba Ramdev's Patanjali. While top product manufacturing companies took decades to reach 5000 Crore mark, it just took years of effort for Patanjali to hit that mark in the market. Today even the top companies which used to manufacture daily products using western formulae turned to Ayurveda with it's huge popularity n the country.

With the growth of Ayurveda Products Business, the Ayurveda Franchise Business has also got good value in the market. Top companies like Himalaya, Patanjali are offering Franchise opportunities for business. But the problem with these Franchises is that people looking for that particular products only turn in customers. While there are few other organisations which sell all Ayurveda products, among them Ayush Arogyam stands top.

Ayush Arogyam sells all kind of ayurveda products taking from Vaidyaratnam to Patanjali. Ayush Arogyam has got both online and offline stores. Good news is that Ayush Arogyam is offering Franchise opportunities. Here are the key competitive advantages which distinguish Ayush Arogyam from similar players in the market.

1. Lowest brand fee

Lowest brand fee in the Ayurveda industry as against competition who charge a hefty and upfront brand fee.

Ayush Arogyam Ayurveda Shop Franchise Details 1

2. Complete Support

Complete technical, operational and management support provided by Ayush Arogyam

Ayush Arogyam Ayurveda Shop Franchise Details 2

3. No daily operational role

No daily operational role for the franchisee and he remains free to perform and pursue his regular employment or other interests

Ayush Arogyam Ayurveda Shop Franchise Details 3

4. Attractive returns

Attractive returns on investment with guaranteed return on investment which is not otherwise not available in the Franchise industry

Ayush Arogyam Ayurveda Shop Franchise Details 4

5. Booming Business

Last but not the least, this is a sunrise industry and with government and Ministry of AYUSH's renewed focus on Ayurveda and its practices, anybody who enters the market now is sure to make it big in the long run !

Ayush Arogyam Ayurveda Shop Franchise Details 5

For Details, Call 98330 30466 or Email to wecare@ayusharogyam.com. To know more, visit Ayush Arogyam Franchise.

Here is the info-graphic.

Ayush Arogyam Ayurveda Shop Franchise Details Infographic


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