5 Warning Signs of an Early Relationship

5 Warning Signs of an Early Relationship Tipsmonk

The beginning of every romance is always terrific. Early stages of relationship inspire us with pleasant emotions, but we usually forget they are nothing but the hormones and neurotransmitters that overwhelm our bodies. The chemicals make us blind to notice flaws in the object of our affection. If you recognize these drawbacks as soon as possible, it will be easier to handle with troubles and crises that ALWAYS happen, including a breakup. Here are early red flags in relationships you must to pay attention to.

1. They haven’t forgotten their ex

Almost the most typical stumbling block of early relationship is somebody’s ex. To be honest, sometimes staying in contact with people we dated before has some sense. There are a lot of people who maintain relationships with their ex- spouses or partners. They are good friends and it is perfect if they don’t hide it from you.

However, they may constantly talk about their past relationship. Even if they do it in a negative tune, there have to be a reason for such behaviour. Maybe, they were hurt too much and are not ready to move on. No matter what, it is better forget about the past. Otherwise, they will only hurt you and themselves.

2. Your sexual temperaments don’t match

The question “Are we having sex too early in a relationship” bothers many couples. However, there is nothing wrong in it. We all decide and think for ourselves. Another question is how important sex for you and your partner and do your preferences match. Sex is an integral part of our lives. Imagine you are trapped in relationship with a person who doesn’t satisfy you and never takes your desires into account. Sometimes, it is better to have sex early in a relationship to understand this partner is not for you.

3. They treat other people with disrespect

On early stages of relationship, we and our partners seem better than we are, deliberately or accidentally. Sooner or later we reveal more sides of their personalities, but using a clever approach we can handle with some demons inside both of us. Unfortunately, some people pretend to be someone else and it is quite easy to recognise when they communicate with others.

Have you ever notice how your partner treats shop assistants, waitresses or simple clerks? Did you like what you see? If the answer is “No”, take this early relationship advice into account: run! One day, you may be the object of their insult.

4. They don’t accept you as you are

It is a pity that every relationship advice article includes such tip. It seems it’s too hard for people to learn from their mistakes, but we cannot do anything with that. Unfortunately, many couples suffer from the same problem: they do not accept each other completely. We know, there is nothing you can get without making any effort. Relationships are hard and both sides should work on that. But no matter what, you should feel comfortable with your significant one.

Did they tried to change you completely? Did they laugh at your goals or principles? Or maybe, you noticed they are not happy to be with you? This is a red flag you should pay an extreme attention in the very beginning of relationship.

5. Your opinion is always of no value

Romantic relationships always require making joint decisions. They learn us to be reasonable and treat our second halves with respect. Compromise is a lifeboat in relationship, and when your partner doesn’t agree to do it in the very beginning, when everything actually should be fine, then it will be only worse.

Everyone makes mistakes, and relationships are not an exception. Stay reasonable and don’t let your heart fool you. The more you wait, the more pain you’ll make when finally comes the time you realise both of you can’t take it any longer.

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