Rules of Sexting Every Man Should Know

Rules of Sexting Every Man Should Know

Rules of Sexting Every Man Should Know

In our times, we can’t imagine even a day without messengers. No matter what the conservative nerds say, the technologies penetrated deep into our lives and changed it positively, even in a field of dating. Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to flirt, hook-up or maintain a relationship without sexting. It is funny, kinky, and wakes up partners’ imagination. However, despite it seems reckless and nothing more, there are sexting rules every man is recommended to follow.

Why do we need rules for sexting ?

There are different channels people use for communication. They have their pros and cons. Speaking about texting in messengers and via social media, we face a small but very important drawback: a lack of control and understanding of the both sides.

Let’s explain. Neither you, nor your girlfriend (or a potential one) can see each other. A total control of the situation is possible only in personal offline conversation. Sexting is a very intimate thing for most of couples, and texting something inappropriate may seriously screw up everything.

Sexting do’s and don'ts’

People are different, and there’s no universal solution for everyone. Besides, there are different stages of relationship. Each of them requires a special approach to sexting. According to that, here are our simple rules for sexting.

1. Differentiate the “class” of your partner. The content of spicy messages can be very different when you write to your beloved girlfriend and just a hookup. In the first case, everything depends on the duration of your relationship. When you date someone for months and years, we sure you may write everything, with a special attitude and tenderness. When your goal is just a sex, there dirty messages can be very useful for getting the best of your meeting.

2. Do not try sexting when you had only few dates with a girl. Very explicit messages in the very beginning of a relationship are taboo. One of the basic sexting tips is to be patient and not to reveal all your crazy desires. Nice ideas for this stage of relationship is to tell how much you miss her and you want to kiss her (if you already did it).

3. Learn the preferences. It is a sad fact, but some people, both men and women, see no sense in sexting. It is hard to relax and catch a right spirit to share the sexual fantasies via text online. Finally, some people don’t find sexting exciting. They need more time to get ready or just can’t distract from other business so quickly. Spontaneous hot texts also can embarrass them. Before trying sexting with new partner, ask whether they like it.

4. Know the limits. Alright, you know what your woman likes, you both enjoy sexting and do it regularly. Now, the most important is not to overdo. Some fantasies and sexual images have to be discussed tete-a-tete. Maybe we are too conservative, but your girlfriend hardly can understand you if you text “I wish to tight you and spunk you hard, naughty *****”. Everyone has their own comfort level. There should be a solid background for such sexting, and your common sexual experience is the most important element.

5. Raise up the temperature and be creative. A foreplay is important even online. Here are few sexting ideas. Begin with mentioning how much you miss your girl. Continue with simple “Wish you were here right now” and go on telling what you would do if she was here. Then follow her mood and fantasies.

6. Do not send pictures of your penis. Speaking about photos… Keep your little friend inside your pants. The best way to spice up your texting is tease your lady with photos of your muscles, face or neck, but not your penis. It may sound offensive, but very few women really enjoy PICTURES of it. It is better to use your weapon as intended.


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