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Ayush Arogyam - Best place to order Vaidyaratnam products online

Ayush Arogyam - Best place to order Vaidyaratnam products online

Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medical science is getting popular day by day. We see many top companies like Hindustan Unilever which used to produce daily products based on western formulae are turning to Ayurveda these days. Ayurveda has now became one of the top industries in not only India but also in many parts of Asia. In fact even western countries are showing interest in Ayurveda. The main  reason is that Ayurveda is completely natural and doesn't come with any side effects. 

Today there are hundreds of companies that produce Ayurveda products. A few among them are Patanjali, Himalaya, Ayush, Dabur. These companies spend high on promoting their products and that's why the are quiet popular. But today I am going to name you one great Ayurveda Products manufacturer which produces very authentic Ayurveda products. It's none other than Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda. Though Vaidyaratnam is not as popular as Patnajli & dabur, they are one of those few companies which produces amazing Ayurveda products which are completely natural & original. Most of the companies like Dabur, Ayursh and other use both Ayurveda & western formulae to manufacture their products. But Vaidyratnam products are completely based on Ayurveda formulae taken from ancient texts.

Here are few lines about them from their website. The splendid tradition of Thaikkattu Mooss’family begins with Sri. Narayanan Mooss and Ittiravi Mooss of the 19th century. In 1924, Ashtavaidyan Narayanan Mooss was awarded the much coveted title of VAIDYARATNAM by Lord Reading., the then Viceroy of India. Vaidyaratnam Oushadhasala was founded in 1941 by Ashtavaidyan Sri. E.T. Neelakandhan Mooss, the son of Ashtavaidyan Sri. Narayanan Mooss. The Nation conferred upon him Padmasri in 1992 as a recognition of his contribution in the field of Ayurveda. Vaidyaratnam institutions have now forayed into new areas, scripting a new saga of success under the able leadership of Ashtavaidyan Sri. E.T. Narayanan Mooss, (Padmabhushan awardee)

There is high demand for these products in many parts of the country. They manufacture products for almost all health & beauty problems like Arthritis, Hair Fall, Chronic Diseases, Tonsilitis & lot more.  But the problem is that they are only available in few selected stores. Don't worry, here comes an amazing solution. You can order them online at Ayush Arogyam website. You can order any Ayurveda products from Ayush Arogyam website. They got high speed delivery & refund facilities too. Why late, just order Vaidyaratnam products online today itself from Ayush Arogyam

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