How to Write Essay in Several Hours

How to Write Essay in Several Hours

The skill of quick and effective writing is really important for students. Learn how to save your time and write a good essay to get the highest score.

Effective Tips on Writing Essays Fast

Speed writing skills are of great importance for students because writing various papers like essays is a common thing at college and university. Sometimes the amount of written work is so large, that it is necessary to write a paper within an hour or even faster. If you have troubles with concentration, write slowly or just cannot work with the books effectively, you’ll lose. However, there is no need to feel despaired as here is a list of things you have to do to save your time and write an essay in several hours or even faster.

  • Don’t start with the introduction. Most students confess that beginning is the hardest part of writing. You just don’t know how to start, what words to use, what approach is better and so on. Therefore, it is best to skip the introduction at the start of writing. You can do it later.
  • Look through the material, but not read. So, you have a topic. First of all, you have to make sure you 100% understand the point. Then find several articles on the web or in books and look them through. There should be eye-catching titles and subtitles which will help to create a scheme of the text, general features of your essay in your head.
  • Make a plan. When you’ve read some information on your theme, draw out your plan, main statements, may be some quotations or just opinions that fit. Don’t make a big plan. Just 3-5 points are enough.
  • Add figures and precise data. You know that any information sounds more persuasive and reliable if it is supported by figures. However, bear in mind to use a moderate quantity of data. Don’t overflow. You can add some statistical data; confer different investigations and polls and so on.
  • Start with the meat. As it’s been mentioned before, the introduction isn’t your first paragraph. Even if you don’t have a lot of experience in writing essays, it isn’t a big deal because there are thousands of examples of other students’ works on the Internet. If it doesn’t help, one can always use various services like youressayhelpers.com and get a ready paperwork within an hour.
  • Write 3 points. There should be at least 3 main theses which you are to prove or disapprove with the help of facts, statistical information, quotes, adages and so on. You can use more points if you want but take into account that at least three of them should be as solid as a rock because this is your guarantee to get a good score.
  • Write a good conclusion. The summing up isn’t a difficult part of the paper if you possess a good amount of information on the theme and have covered the topic at length. There is one trick in writing conclusions – don’t repeat the words used in your essay. This means you’d rather use more synonyms to make a good impression on the professor and to make your work look more profound and well-studied.
  • Return to the introduction. Now you know how to start and it will take you several minutes to write a good intriguing introduction.
  • Make a revision. It is vexatious to get a low score because of errors and typos especially if the essay is classy and you have spent much time on writing it.

As you see, the scheme of writing paper works quickly is simple and comprehensible for everyone. And the arduous task isn’t a problem anymore.


There is one more important thing in writing essay. It is using quotes and citations correctly. It is desirable not to use too many quotations – 2-3 are enough for one essay. You also have to make a list of citations at the end of the paper. It should contain the names of authors and resources where you have got them from.


When the paper is ready, the last thing is to reread it twice. Read slowly and attentively. This will help to correct errors. Don’t think that there is nothing to check. Every paperwork is to be revised as a misspelled word or an excess coma may cost you a good score.

These are some tips that will help to cope with the essay quickly and successfully.

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