8 Ukrainian Analogues to the World Attractions

8 Ukrainian Analogues to the World Attractions

Many people travel throughout the world looking for the incredible views and emotions. Ukraine is a country that can provide you with the unforgettable impressions at any period of the year. According to Destinations Ukraine, this place is attractive in summer due to its magnificent seashore, in winter due to the numerous ski resorts, and in autumn and spring due to the beautiful natural parks and reserves.

Besides, it is possible to enjoy the views of Scotland or Austria travelling across Ukraine. Do you wonder how ?


In a Dniester ravine in the Ternopil Region, there is an unusual city of Zalishchyky. The city is the former Polish resort. The river is bent abruptly in one area forming a meander in the middle of which this unique town is located. This destination can be compared to the well-known Saar loop in Germany stretched from Besseringen to Mettlach.

Palanok Castle

The Mukachevo Castle or the Palanok Castle is situated on the hill of 68 meters high. It is a couple centuries younger than its European twin — the Burghausen Castle in Germany that has been first mentioned in the 11th century. In ancient times, the Palanok Castle was a royal residence and a princely mansion. In a word, although its history is less long than of Burghausen, it is no less colorful.


It is not obligatory to go to Japan to admire the sakura blossom. In the small city of Uzhhorod in the west of Ukraine, this cherry tree blossoms since the end of April to May. Annually, thousands of tourists come here to enjoy this magical phenomenon.

Plebanivka Viaduct

The railway viaduct near the village of Plebanivka (Ternopil Region) was constructed in the times of Austro-Hungary in 1896. The bridge consists of nine arches made of a natural stone. The similar structure can be found in the Scottish village of Glenfinnan. The bridge is known not only due to its beauty but also due to the "Harry Potter" movies. The main characters drove along this bridge to Hogwarts.


The tourists often compare the Ukrainian city of Lviv to the Czech capital city - Prague. Such comparison is mostly associated with the old European architecture of the Austria-Hungarian period.

Oleshky Sands

This destination is often called “the Ukrainian Sahara” though, in fact, Oleshky Sands is not a desert. The sands were formed relatively recently - in the 18-19th centuries. Currently, this place is the second-large sandy massif of Europe. The similar area can be found in the Middle East in the Sultanate of Oman.

Akkerman Fortress

The Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi fortress also known as the Akkerman Fortress was constructed in the 13th century. The fortress is situated on the rocky coast of the Dniester estuary. The defensive qualities of the construction are similar to the famous fortifications of Europe. The fortress resembles the Welsh Conwy Castle.


The wooden mills in the Vodyanyky village (Cherkassy Region) are very similar to the ancient wind structures in the Dutch village of Kinderdijk. Vodyanyky is a popular destination only in the winter due to the ski resort.