Picking Up a Perfect Gift for Your Girlfriend : Guide for Dummies

Picking Up a Perfect Gift for Your Girlfriend -   Guide for Dummies

Choosing a gift for a girl can be a difficult thing if you do not think everything over well enough. The best gift is the one that can affect most significant areas in a woman's life. And this means you need to think what the girl wants most of all, before choosing a gift.

In general, you can give present either on holidays (birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day) or on any day you want, as a surprise for your beloved. In order to please your date, you should know a few rules that help you simplify the process of choosing a gift and will help you understand how to choose the right gift.

Nowadays, there is a huge number of options. You can choose a gift for all tastes and all purses. Now, let’s take a look at some gift-choosing-rules.

1. Listen carefully to your girl and write down (or remember) what she says.

Quite often girls mention (accidentally or not) what they dream about, which presents they like, what stuff seems useful in their opinion. Think, maybe she saw something in the shop window, but for some reason she could not buy it.

Pay attention to such details, they may contain an answer to your question about the gift. This will save you a lot of time and show the girl that you pay attention to things that are important to her.

2. Pay attention to details.

For example, you can pay attention to the girl's favorite colors, the music she prefers, the kinds of jewelry she likes, her hobbies.

In case these details do not help you find gifts that a Russian girl would love, for example, then at least you will know what is not worth giving. For example, a girl, who loves silver, will hardly like a golden jewelry. Or, if a girl loves cats, you should not give her a dog.

3. Choose the gift all by yourself.

Do not ask her friends or parents about things she prefers or needs. They may be unaware of those, or they may only think they know, but be wrong in their thoughts.

Besides, they cannot keep quiet and are likely to tell your girlfriend that you are looking for a gift for her - it will just spoil the surprise.

4. Think about what a girl may think when she receives a gift.

You need to choose a gift that will have one meaning, understandable to both of you. Try to avoid ambiguous gifts. In this case, the girl can significantly limit your searches and show you the right direction to where to find a gift.

5. Use the Internet in your search.

If a girl has a profile in social networks, you are likely find out about her preferences and desires there. The best discovery is, the so-called, “wish list”.

6. Leave your extraordinary ideas for the next time.

If you have not decided which extraordinary gift will suit your girl, then forget about being creative and get a certificate for a store she visits regularly.

7. It happens that nothing helps, and you are still confused about what to give.

There is only one way out – ask your girl directly.

The best way to give a gift to a girl

Hundreds of men who managed to cope with their internal fears and doubts, and learn to treat girls the way they love it. Unfortunately, most of these men are lady-killers. But what prevents other men from using their experience for good?

First of all, we must not forget that the gift giving occasion include not only classical holidays – Christmas, Valentine’s day, birthday, etc. It is likely that your girl receives dozen of presents on a holiday and your present may be lost in a pile of other things her friends, colleagues and relatives. The best way to avoid it is to give an unexpected gift, on a day related only to their relationship. A small cute little thing the 10th day from your first kiss or a neat souvenir, as a reminder of the first Monday after being apart for the whole weekends – these are simple and romantic ways to give a gift to your beloved. And almost no woman can resist such a surprise.

Secondly, in order to give gifts unexpectedly: waking up with your beloved with a breakfast in bed, returning from the store for 20 minutes later than promised, and even in the middle of your own phrase about the recently watched film. Any moment when your woman does not expect a gift will be perfect for your gift.


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