7 General Essay Writing Tips That Work

7 General Essay Writing Tips That Work

Here comes 7 General Essay Writing Tips for You Improve Your Skills. Look through top general writing tips that can help you improve your writing skills. Read them, implement and enjoy great results. 

7 General Essay Writing Tips That Work

Writing is not easy, especially when talking about a strict five-paragraph format. Here are some easy writing tips that might be helpful for college students.

If a typical college student collects all the essays he had written throughout the years of studying – the total amount of pages will be probably as big as “The Forsyte Saga”. Every so often it seems that the whole student’s life consists of writing, writing and nothing except writing. That’s why, it’s so vital to learn some helpful writing tips, knowing which you will be able to write any kinds of texts with great pleasure and save some time for other fascinating activities.

Writing a five-paragraph student essay for the first time in your life is a kind of challenge. But if you know the rules – the process of writing will be as easy as cracking nuts.

A standard structure of an essay consists of Introduction, Body paragraphs 1-3 and Conclusion. This may seem pretty hard, but the aim of such a structure is not to make your life harder, but to help the readers of your essay to catch the idea easily and quickly.

The Introduction is probably the most complicated part of your essay because it explains both the main idea (also called “argument” or “thesis”) of your topic and the whole purpose of your essay. Ideally, it should grab the reader’s attention immediately, so that he or she would not want to quit reading. The first sentence of your introductory paragraph can be either a catchy quotation (“Perfection needs no edition”) or some surprising statistics (50% of women were sexually abused during their childhood). After the first sentence, you have to explain your own position on the topic of your essay. Afterwards, a short outline should be written in order to bring in what the body paragraphs will be about. Stay away from personal pronouns and passive voice in the first paragraph of your essay.

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The aim of the three body paragraphs is to support your thesis in details and set as strong arguments as it is possible. The significance of arguments usually goes in descending order: the first paragraph has to contain the strongest one. Of course, all three points of view should be tied together and not too much “water” should be present in the text. The main specific feature of an essay is its solidness.

The Conclusion, or the final paragraph is sometimes called the second introduction because it’s an overall proof of everything written in your essay. This argument should be strong and powerful enough to put a period after it and should never copy the first sentence.
Here are some more tips to make your essay interesting and argumentative enough

1. Brainstorm yourself before starting your essay. Write down the most important supportive ideas for your statement. If you know the rules of writing an essay – it’ll be easy enough for you to arrange these thoughts logically in the process of constructing the paragraphs. The examples of well-arranged essays can be found on essaysbureau.com/.

2. Make a plan of your essay: write the essence of every paragraph in one sentence. It will help you to write more and tie the thoughts together.

3. Mind your vocabulary. The essay won’t be readable if you use a narrow thesaurus and repeat the same words and phrases too many times.

4. Write as simply as you can. An essay is not a dissertation.

5. Write like you usually talk: this is the most optimal way to make the readers believe you.

6. Practice a lot. Only practice makes perfect, so be ready that your first essay will hardly be a masterpiece. Reading many examples of good essays is also a sort of practice, so go to essays bureau.com/ and read as many examples of good essays as you can.

7. Stick to your topic. No water !

As you see, writing essays requires a lot of knowledge, and luckily, it’s not a problem for you to get this knowledge now. Good luck in writing essays and other kinds of texts !


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