Tips for Solo Travellers to Enjoy a Vacation

Tips for Solo Travellers to Enjoy a Vacation

Travelling Solo and Feeling Awesome

Travelling alone isn’t such a surprising thing these days. More and more people enjoy their vacations without friends or family members by their side as with the rhythm of modern life, sometimes it’s hard to find that time period when all of your friends or loved ones are free and can travel with you.

And it’s not always the case:

Some people don’t actually want to bring anyone on the vacation with them. 

Why? Because travelling solo is awesome! You don’t have to deal with other people’s moods and whims. You can go wherever you want and do whatever you want without hearing complaints or trying to reach a compromise. You won’t hear: “No, let’s not go there, it’s boring!” or “I don’t want to do that, let’s think of something else!” You are the master of your vacation.

And even though travelling solo is amazing, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. So, here are some simple but effective tips and tricks that will help you enjoy every minute of your vacation.

Take Care of Yourself

Feeling sick at home sucks, but feeling sick on the road is even worse, especially when there’s no one to help you, bring you some medicine, or at least sympathize with you and your misery.

That’s why it is important to take care of yourself before and during your trip. When traveling solo, you’re the one who deals with everything, including yourself. Don’t forget to take your vitamins, don’t stay in the sun for too long, don’t force yourself to walk if you’re feeling too tired, and get enough sleep even if you’re on a tight schedule and want to see as much as possible.

Let’s face it: it’s better to spend some extra time allowing yourself to rest and miss visiting that one additional sight than to catch a cold, a heat stroke, or to be sleep deprived and feel super tired all the time.

Enjoy Free Walking Tours

Many locals organize free tours around the city with optional donations at the end of each tour. Joining them brings many opportunities.

First of all, you will learn about the city you’re visiting. You will go sightseeing and hear interesting stories about the city, its history, and its most famous places. Moreover, local guides might share some secrets with you, for example, where to get the best local food, what places are hidden from tourists and must be included in your itinerary, and what cool things you can do while you’re in the city.

Secondly, it’s a great chance to meet new friends. Chances are, most of the walking tour participants will be solo travellers just like you. And there’s no doubt that all people in the group will be as passionate about travelling as you are. Who knows, maybe you’ll find real friends during your travels. Or at least someone to have some fun and spend an evening or two with.

Learn the Language

Now, you don’t have to take a year course of Korean before visiting Seoul, but it’s very helpful to learn a couple of important phrases. Not everyone speaks English, you know, so if you don’t want to ask locals a question by waving your hands and looking completely miserable, prepare yourself and learn some basics. Even though you won’t be able to have a conversation in fluent Korean (or Spanish, or Norwegian, or whatever), you will at least show your respect to locals, and they really appreciate that.

Do Your Homework

To feel calmer and safer, it’s always a good idea to prepare yourself in advance. Decide where you want to go, read about local attractions, pick the things you want to see, find a place to stay, and map out an approximate route for yourself. Planning doesn’t mean boring, it means being sure.

Also, do your homework on local customs and laws. There are places where certain gestures are offensive and certain things aren’t allowed. For example, Singapore has rather strict laws of behavior, so it’s better to learn more about them before traveling there.

By learning about local customs and following them (for example, an appropriate dress code or manners), you will show your respect and will have much more chances to find new friends.

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The Best Destinations for Independent Travellers

Now, paradise-like islands and spa resorts aren’t only for couples and honeymoons. There are tons of places you can (and should) visit when travelling alone, and some of them are:

  • Cancun, Mexico. White sand, blue sky, and warm salty water are perfect for a relaxing and calm vacation. But if you feel like this stuff will make you feel bored, there’s also surfing, snorkelling, kite-boarding, scuba diving, kayaking, and more. And if even that is not enough, pretty much every beach at Cancun has live music, bars, clubs, and young solo travellers just like you.

  • Reykjavik, Iceland. An awesome vacation doesn’t always mean beaches and hot sunny days. Reykjavik has everything for any traveller's taste: breathtaking landscapes, beautiful architecture, cute cafes, friendly locals, and, of course, lots of good food and drinks.
  • Bali, Indonesia. Travelling alone is a great chance to get to know yourself a bit better, calm your mind, and find inner peace. Bali is a place where it’s easier to achieve all these goals. You can take a full advantage of yoga sessions, massages, meditation, beaches, ashrams, and organic food (which is cheap and delicious, by the way).
  • Dubrovnik, Croatia. It’s a tourist town, so you’ll definitely find something to do. You can go on an island cruise, take a climbing tour, go hiking, relax at the beach, or simply roam around the city and enjoy captivating architecture and yummy food.
  • Vancouver, Canada. First of all, Canadians are super friendly. So, being a solo traveller, you will definitely find someone to talk to, ask for directions, or tell you about the coolest spots in the city. Chances are you will probably find someone who will be happy to show you around the city and spend some time with you. Plus, countless music festivals, exhibitions, parks, mountains, museums, beaches, art galleries, cafes, restaurants, and hundreds of other exciting things will never allow you to feel bored there.
  • Dublin, Ireland. This is a perfect place to find new friends over a pint of Guinness. Enter any pub, and it’s most likely that by the end of the evening, you will have a dozen of new friends, some inside jokes, and warm memories of this place. Even in the most remote parts of the city, locals are used to tourists and are always happy to chat. Dublin is also a great place to take a couple of walking tours: nature and the landscapes there are as good as Guinness.

The list of these incredible places has probably inspired you to grab your passport and go on an adventure. Do you want to travel, explore the world, and have fun but can’t leave your house because of all those college assignments you have ? Don’t feel desperate ! There’s an easy and a super effective way to deal with your academic troubles. Check YourWriters to entrust a professional team with your tasks, then pack your suitcase, and enjoy your worry-free vacation !


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