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3 Top & Best Isagenix Alternatives

Top Isagenix Alternatives - Reviews

If you are searching for Isagenix Alternatives to lose weight, here are 3 top & best Isagenix Alternatives for weight loss

The full name of Isagenix weight-loss product is IsaLean Shake. It contains around 30 ingredients and only few of them are artificial. The main flaw of this meal replacement is high amount of sugar that comes from fructose. One dosage of product contains 11 grams of this ingredient.

The quality of protein in the Isagenix shake is rather good. The protein includes casein and whey. The content of protein in one serving is also more than sufficient – 24 grams. Considering these values, it is not surprise that the energy value of IsaLean is also large. Users get 240 calories in one serving.

According to nutritional data, it seems that this product is designed to gain weight rather than to lose it. Despite the high content of protein and calories, the appetite suppression efficiency of Isagenix meal replacement is rather low. Besides, the price of the shake is also a most users’ complaint. A month supply of the shake is available for $110.

The website weightlosstop.com offers various reviews of alternatives to this meal replacement. Below you can find our opinion on the Isagenix alternatives.


Top Isagenix Alternatives - Vi-shape

This meal replacement produced by ViSalus contains three types of protein. The manufacturer claims that the shake is designed to help reduce weight without losing muscle mass. Protein is the main ingredient that provides such effect. 

Unfortunately, the protein is a blend of soy and whey. Despite the fact that whey is a qualitative source of protein, soy is one of the cheapest and hazardous sources.

The nutritional values of Vi-Shape are well-balanced. Your body will get 90 calories and 12 grams of protein in each serving. In addition, the meal replacement does not have excessive sugar and fat. 

The price of the ViSalus products is $49.99 that seems overestimated due to the lack of qualitative ingredients.


Top Isagenix Alternatives - Shakeology

This popular meal replacement provides effective suppression of appetite. Shakeology is natural product containing qualitative ingredients. Fructose is the only concerned component that provides 7 grams of sugar. 

The protein in the shake is a blend of five plant protein sources including pea and sacha inchi, and one whey protein source. Such mixture offers 18 grams of protein.

The energy value of Shakeology is 160 calories. Such amount is more than enough to reduce your craving for several hours. The users admit high efficiency of the shake, however, its usefulness in losing weight is quite disputable because of the high sugar content. 

The main issue of Shakeology is its overestimated price. 30 servings are available for $130.

Herbalife Formula 1

Top Isagenix Alternatives - Herbalife Formula 1

Regardless of the famous brand name, this meal replacement by Herbalife is not so great. First of all, it contains GMO and artificial sweeteners. The protein comes from soy that is also a flaw. 

In general, the nutritional data of Herbalife Formula 1 are good except for sugar content (9 grams) and low amount of protein (9 grams).

The main advantage of the shake is its affordable price ($36). Nevertheless, the users are dissatisfied with efficiency and taste of this meal replacement.

Here it comes to end. If you have something to tell about these weight loss products, comment them below. 


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