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5 Habits to make you a more attractive person

5 Habits to make you a more attractive person - Tipsmonk

Have you ever taken thought about why some people are more admirable than others? Sure, you have. Sometimes we meet a person and notice that his or her appearance does not meet the world’s standards of beauty, but there’s something incredibly charming about them. What is the secret? These people follow the easy rules of attraction and work at their habits every day. Let us tell you about them. Our good friends from Casanova Style know everything about dating and relationships, so we took advantage of their knowledge in this article.


5 Habits to make you a more attractive person - Tipsmonk 1

It is a proven fact that smiling people look far more attractive and open. Smiling is a happy person’s obvious trait that symbolises friendliness. So, meeting new people should always be accompanied by positive facial expressions. However, there are some nuances. It is sexier for women to smile often, while for men it is rather freaky and repulsive. 

Men should be more careful when smiling and use this ‘weapon’ mostly in the moments of sexual tension. Nevertheless, it is better to express your positive emotions than sitting with poker face.

Sexy body language

5 Habits to make you a more attractive person - Tipsmonk 2

Your emotions and some thoughts may be detected due to your body language. Even a common habit of hiding your hands in pockets can be treated as the symbols of uncertainty and stress. Therefore, to be more attractive it is necessary to demonstrate your confidence with your body language. The most useful tip is keeping your body open. 

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Do not close it with your crossed arms, purse or elements of your clothes. Don’t be afraid to show your arms and demonstrate some gestures during the conversation. These moves make us more trustworthy as they reveal our openness.


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The manner of speaking is extremely important for successful communication. The numerous surveys proved that the low-pitched voice for men and high-pitched voice for women are the keys to attractiveness. High ringing female voice is associated with elegance, vulnerability, and delicacy, which were the major traits of felinity. Lower men’s voice is a symbol of strength and virility. 

As you can see, all these factors can be explained in terms of evolution, because choosing an appropriate partner was a key to successful procreation. Unfortunately, the Mother Nature cannot bestow all the people on earth with sexy voice, but its improvement is actually possible. It is never too late to work out your habits.


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You might have noticed that some fashion models and celebrities are far from the most beautiful persons, but their uniqueness and style make them admirable. That’s what you also need to enhance attractiveness – work on your own style. Read fashion blogs, watch video guides about trends, track the last tendencies, and refresh your dressing room seasonally. Chose the clothes that emphasise your appearance.

Also, give the preference to bright colours regardless of your sex. It makes you looking young, cheerful, and confident. Don’t forget to look after your haircut and hygiene, these are the basics of every image.

Humour and sincerity

5 Habits to make you a more attractive person - Tipsmonk 5

We began this article with the importance of smiling. However, there is nothing worse than a fake person. Therefore, all these tips are useless without your sincerity. Of course, you can be extremely hot and stylish, but who cares if you are not that person you are pretend to be. There’s nothing to be afraid of, openness is a great trait. If you feel a bit restrained, humour is the best way to destroy boundaries and enhance your confidence. 

There is nothing more sincere than a good laugh, which attracts both men and women. So, improve your intelligence and creativity to amaze your surroundings with nice jokes.

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