27 Best Topics to write a Dissertation on

27 Best Topics to write a Dissertation on - Tipsmonk

Getting the right topic is one of the most critical stages in the process of writing your dissertation. This post lists some of the best ones to inspire you.
Unless your supervisors gave you a topic to write on, you have the duty to get the most appropriate topic to write your dissertation. You need to take time and brainstorm a topic that will fetch you the best grades at this postgraduate level of your studies. In this post, we shall look at the best examples of dissertation topics you can draw inspire you.
Examples of the best dissertation topics
  1. How does weak corporate governance affect the growth and development of business at the international level ?
  2. How does strong corporate governance bolster a company’s ability to compete and achieve its goals ?
  3. Discuss how Globalization is affecting the survival of small and medium-level businesses in your country
  4. Globalization Vs. Localization: Which one is the most suitable option for your local business community ?
  5. How can countries balance between Globalization and Localization ?
  6. Discuss ways in which local businesses can embrace Globalization without losing touch with the realities around them
  7. Discuss the advantages of a Globalized Economy
  8. Discuss the negative effects of Globalization to local businesses
  9. What are the negative impacts of global outsourcing ?
  10. How is Globalization affecting the political structures and outlook of nations within your region ?
  11. Evaluate the impact of free medical insurance cover for low income earners in your country
  12. Discuss ways through which governments in the developing world can reduce child and mother mortality
  13. How can the developing nations learn from their developed counterparts so they can reduce child mortality levels in their countries ?
  14. Discuss the factors that fuel the prevalence of mother and child mortality in the developing world
  15. Identify and discuss the key drivers leading to the spread of HIV/AIDS among the youth in your country
  16. Discuss ways in which natural disasters are a threat to food security internationally
  17. What are the challenges that face international humanitarian relief efforts ?
  18. Discuss the economic impact of HIV and AIDS on the education sector in your state
  19. Teenage alcoholism: The new challenge facing the health sector
  20. Discuss the importance of having a national policy to deal with the rising cases of teenage alcoholism
  21. How can the health sector come up with remedies to check the spread of obesity among children ?
  22. The effects of poverty on the fight against HIV and AIDS in the developing world
  23. How can small enterprises can remain relevant and survive the forces of economic recession ?
  24. Remaining small Vs. Growing big: The dilemma that small and medium-sized business managers face
  25. Navigating through seasons of change: The challenges that business managers face and their solutions
  26. Job hopping and corporate stability: How hiring managers can handle the new curse
  27. The rise of virtual currency: Should the formal banking sector embrace or confront the new wave ?

Closing remarks
There you go with the best topics to inspire you. You now have strong footing to give you a direction in your future assignments. If you need further help, you can talk to us here. More interesting information about writing a research paper you can find here at Assignmentbaron


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