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40+ Benefits of Meditation - Scientific Research

Meditation Benefits for Health, Beauty & Mind - Scientific Research  Study Image - Tipsmonk

Are you searching for some top & best benefits of meditation, then here is a list of 40+ meditation benefits for health, beauty & mind from scientific research and studies.

Meditation, a most precious single word that can bring you peace by just hearing it. I am just kidding, you need to do it to get peace. Meditating can be really boring at beginning, but believe me you will love it by doing it constantly.

Though it is in practice from past thousands of years, it has grown it's importance in past few years with many scientists and doctors exploring it's benefits and uses in depth. Previously it is hugely practised in only a few South Asian countries like India, China, Tibet, Nepal and a few other. But due it's popularity, these days many people in western countries like United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Australia and other European countries are learning and practising it.

Because people are getting well attracted for it's courses & classes, hundreds of gurus ( masters ) emerged from India and China. Of course, in western countries too. And you know what, many yoga studios and gurus ( teachers ) are earning millions with classes & courses. And of course a few other great masters like Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, Sri Sri Ravishankar & Baba Ramdev are teaching at very low cost and many times for free. There are even many websites and mobile apps ( in android, ios and windows too ) which teach you online.

Even many doctors at super speciality hospitals are prescribing it for many of their patients who come with asthma, heart, blood pressure and many other health problems. Though many people think that it is for health and beauty reasons, it is in fact originated for spiritual benefits. Yes, it's a stepping stone in spiritual life. The more deep you get into it, the more advanced level you reach in spiritual life.

There are very huge uses & benefits of meditation for our daily life. So I researched on this particular topic and gone through some books and articles. And finally I have listed these 40+ top benefits of meditation from scientific research. And remember, meditating along with some good peaceful sounds can help a lot. So, its better to download some good meditation music and practice by hearing it. Now why late, just get into the benefits..

1. Increases skin glow. Doing meditation daily for 5 to 10 minutes can increase blood flow in the body and by this your skin complexion gets increased. So, natural skin glow without any cosmetics and artificial skin products. Amazing benefit, right ??

2. Slows ageing. This is another great benefit of meditating daily. Regular practice can slows ageing in both males and females. In fact, it can reverse ageing. This is scientifically proven too. This is one great tip suggested by beauty experts to their fans and followers. This is the one great secret behind the most beautiful Hollywood and Bollywood actresses.

3. Can cure and prevent pimples. While meditating, you inhale very good amount of oxygen and that oxygen is filled completely in your lungs. In this process there is a good scope for blood purification in the body. And because impure blood is the one major reasons of pimples on skin, with this your blood gets purified and thus making your skin pimple free.

4. Helps in weight loss. You might be little surprised with this, but let me explain. With meditation you generally gain on controlling yourself. And by this you can control what you eat daily and thus lead to loss in weight. I think now you got it. Really a great benefit right ?

5. Makes you more peaceful. Peace is one precious thing that you can't buy somewhere outside. It's already there in you and you need to explore for it. According to Sri Sri Ravishankar ( Great Yoga & Spiritual guru of India ) meditation helps in exploring that inner peace within you and makes you more peaceful.

6. Helps in curing anxiety. For many people anxiety is one great mental problem today. And with the help of meditation you can easily get out of it.What all you need to do is to meditate for 5 to 10 minutes daily on either early morning or evenings.

7. Helps in curing stress. Stress, is one great mental problem faced by almost all people today. I mean all, all ages, all sexes. There is no limit to this. Students feel stress at school, employees feel stress at office, moms feel stress at home, some way or other everyone is feeling very stress these days for some reason or other. And people are spending millions on it to cure stress with some kind of medication. But meditation is the greatest natural medication people can get at free of cost. Many studies and researches had proved that people meditate regularly feel less stress at any situation. So make a habit of meditating daily.

8. Reduces blood pressure. According a research done in 2009, it is proved that regular meditation can help in reducing blood pressure. They had researched it on some blood pressure patients for 3 to 4 months and came to the conclusion that meditating daily for 5 to 10 minutes for 3 to 4 months can help in controlling blood pressure and there by reaching to a stage where they don't need to consume medicines. Amazing news to blood pressure patients, right ?

9. Increases sexual desire & stamina. This is one other amazing benefits.Lack of sexual desire & stamina is one major problem people facing today. This problem is mostly seen in developed countries and highly advanced cities. According to a research, stress and strain are considered as the main reason for this. People living in developed countries and cities face stress due to various reasons and get easily strained. So for this doctors suggest to meditate for 10 to 15 minutes along with yoga daily. With this you feel stress-free and thereby increase your sexual desire and sexual stamina.

10. Cures headaches and migraines. Migraine headache is most commonly seen in many people these days. People suffering from migraine hugely depend on medication and spend thousands of dollars on it. But you can cure it easily at free of cost with certain kinds of guided meditation. Zen and Kriya are a few among them which works best. A best physiological benefits of meditation right ?
You can even try other which works too. 

11. Best natural treatment for Asthma. Today, because of huge air pollution caused by factories, vehicles and many other, a lot of people are suffering from asthma. A few years back, asthma was a major problem for only old people, but these days many are facing asthma even at very tender age of 10 and 12. Obesity is another major reason for asthma. Whatever the reason is, many scientific researches has proved that meditation is very effective in treating asthma. For this meditate daily along with some breathing exercises ( Pranayama ) under a yoga guru guidance. Focus on your breath well. And I am sure you can get out of the problem in less than 30 days.

12. Increases memory power. Well, this is one major reason why people meditate. Yes, many psychiatrists and motivational speakers suggest meditation for students to increase their memory power. Even I used to meditate during my exam days to remember what I study. And it really works. So, if you are a student and need to increase your memory power, you don't need to depend on any other artificial western medical capsules, just meditate for 10 to 15 minutes daily for amazing memory power.

13. Cures nerves weakness. A lot of people generally suffer from nerves weakness due to excess tension and pressure. And they run around hospitals and spend thousands of bucks to cure it. But many are unaware that meditating for 10 minutes on early mornings can cure their problem. If you are one among them, then I would suggest you to meditate to cure your nerves weakness problem.

14. Turns you more creative. Yes, meditating for a while daily can bring up the creative side in you and make you more creative in all aspects like work and society.

15. Increases concentration. We see many people who doesn't do any work with concentration. With this, they face many problems like they can't be able remember anything they study, they can't remember name of people and they even forget where they placed some important files and other. Even you might be one of them. And for this problem, meditating for few minutes daily works like magic and helps you concentrate well. 

16. Helps in treating AIDS. AIDS is one severe problem world is facing today. In people with AIDS disease, their immune system gets weakened and it leads to many health and mental problems like skin diseases, head aches, viral fevers, insomnia and many other. This is all because of low CD4 count in them ( which is eaten by the AIDS virus ). There are no medicines or treatment to cure AIDs permanently. But increasing the CD4 count can increase the patients life time. And a research conducted by Science Daily proved that regular meditation ( guided by a master ) could be very effective in increasing CD4 count naturally without any medicines. This is one of the great physiological benefits of meditation.

17. Cures over sweating. Some people get sweat very much. And this could really be a serious problem in some situations. So to cure over sweating, meditate for 5 minutes daily on either early morning or evenings.

18. Increases your resistance against pain. Well, if you get some little back pain, what do you do ? You run immediately to a doctor for some tablets, right ? But if you have a habit of meditating everyday, you don't do this. Because it increases your stamina to bear the pain.

19. Prevents suicide tendencies. Though suicidal tendencies are commonly seen in only few people in Asian countries like India, China and Nepal, this is serious mental condition in many western countries like United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and in many other countries. For this, many psychiatrists suggests meditation. Meditating along with some breathing exercises decreases suicidal tendencies gradually.

20. Helps in time management. Surprise ? But its' true. Meditating daily helps in thinking fast and this further helps in finishing tasks fast. By this you can manage your time well.

21. Makes you happy. Well, whatever you do in your life, everything is for the sake of happiness right ? But are you really happy ? Well, if you are not, try meditation for 10 days. I bet you will be more happier than ever. Because according to Indian ancient scientists, this is the basic source of happiness.

22. Helps is leading Brahmacharya ( Celibacy ) lifestyle. Though all are not interested in leading a Brahmacharya life, but a few do it seriously. And for those people, meditating is a must. It helps in controlling the sex thoughts and being more pure.

23. Best way to relax. Generally people go to movies or amusement parks to relax themselves from the work pressure. But do you know that meditation is the best way to relax to the deeper levels without going anywhere and without spending money. Even scientific researches has proved this as the best way to relax yourself.

24. Decreases disputes with your fellow mates, partners and with people in around you.

25. Helps in getting out of any addictions. Meditation helps in getting out of any addictions like drugs, alcohol and e.t.c.

26. A best tool to get advanced in Spiritual life. Yes, this is the first and foremost thing masters suggest you to get advanced yourself spiritually.

27. Makes you a master in communication. Today there are hundreds of institutes that teach you how to communicate. But do you know that meditating for a while can increases your communication skills. Its scientifically proved. With meditation you get a clarity of what to speak and with this you don't get any fear and further this makes you a master in communication.

28. Helps in getting out of any phobias. With certain kids of meditation under a master guidance, you can get out of any kind of phobias.

29. Reduces anger. If you are really a very short temper person and are in deep trouble with the problem of huge angry, you try meditation for sure. It helps you gain control on yourself and leads to reduce your short temper.

30. Cures & prevents insomnia. Insomnia or sleeplessness is one major mental problem in today's world. This is mostly common in rich kids, software employees, teenage people and old people. And for this meditation is the best medicine.

31. Helps to connect your body and soul. This is what people call liberation in many religions like Hinduism, Buddhism and more.

32. Makes your skin smooth and supple naturally without any need for artificial cosmetic and beauty products. A great benefit for people who love natural smooth skin.

33. Helps you in getting of loneliness feeling. According to a research 1 in 10 people suffer from the feeling of loneliness during some time or other. So with meditation, you get connected to every element in this universe and this feeling helps you in never making you lonely. 

34. Increases immunity power. According a study conducted by a top American University, meditating daily for 10 minutes can help people in increasing their immunity power and this further gives string resistance towards any kind of viral diseases and seasonal diseases. 

35. You can judge well. As I already said, with the clarity of mind you get with meditating daily, you can judge well.

36. Increases love & compassion towards everyone and this makes you a better individual in the family and society.

37. Good for heart. And keeps you away from all kinds of heart problems even at the age of 60s and 70s.

38. Helps you live in the present moment. If you are one among those who always live in future by making predictions, meditating for a while daily can help you in living in the present moment.

39. You can learn anything fast. It could be music, a new language or some exam related thing, you could learn it very fast.

40. Can cure & prevent ulcers. A great benefit for ulcer patients.

41. Best natural treatment for arthritis. According to a scientific research, its a best natural treatment for arthritis.

Well, here the benefits ends. And of course there are a lot more. But benefits mentioned here are the top and best from numerous scientific researches. If you know some other benefits of meditation, kindly mention them in the comments section so that I could update them in the post.

And now kindly share this post in your social circles and let you friends and family members know these benefits of meditation. Thanks in advance. 

And below is a Info-graphic with all the benefits of Meditation for Health, Skin ( Beauty ) & Mind from Scientific research & study. This meditation Info-graphic could be handy for quick use, have a look at it and you can download it for free. 

Meditation Benefits for Health, Skin Beauty & Mind - Scientific Research  Study Infographic Image - Tipsmonk

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