8 Brahmacharya (celibacy) tips & techniques by top yoga gurus

8 Brahmacharya (celibacy) tips & techniques by top yoga gurus - Tipsmonk

Here are 8 best Brahmacharya (celibacy) tips & techniques by top yoga gurus. Just follow these simple tips and get all the benefits of leading Brahmachari lifestyle.

Brahmacharya Introduction 

The prime thing you need to remember before you get into Brahmacharya( celibacy ) tips is that, brahmacharya ( celibacy ) is not just for spiritual sake but also it is going to yield you numerous benefits for your skin and health.

You might be a little bit shocked, but it's 101% true that brahmacharya ( celibacy ) is going to make you strong, healthy, fit, beautiful ( handsome ) and awesome too. This is why many popular celebrities, actresses and business persons got into brahmacharya ( celibacy ) lifestyle who even don't believe in the religion.

And yes of course spiritual advancement is the primary goal of the brahmacharya ( celibacy ). Looking a girl or woman ( boy or man ) with lust is the greatest sin committed ever and even Jesus and Buddha had pointed this so seriously.

So, let's get into the vital matter why you came here. You want to lead a brahmacharya ( celibacy ) life but getting failed in enormous attempts.. right ?? And now you need some best brahmacharya ( celibacy ) tips and techniques from popular gurus ( or masters ) who have lead a life of brahmachari very seriously.

Don't worry, Tipsmonk brings you some best brahmacharya ( celibacy ) tips and techniques by some great and famous yoga masters who have lead and leading brahmacharya life very seriously. These tips and techniques have helped thousands of aspirants lead brahmacharya ( celibacy ) life and now it's your turn to follow these brahmacharya ( celibacy ) tips and turn yourself into a brahmachari.

Brahmacharya tips & techniques #1 : Know the reasons why you need to lead a brahmacharya ( celibacy ) lifestyle

The first tip suggests you to get a clarity regarding the reasons why you need to lead a life without sex. These reasons could help you answer your senses when they pull you towards lust. Yes, you might stay without sex ( and masturbation ) for 2 or 3 weeks. But after those 2 or 3 weeks you senses start pulling you towards lust with some nervous itching.

In that particular situation, you should have some good reasons to answer your senses for why you are not going involve in lust. You should be able to satisfy your senses with your answers. So just take a paper and pen, now list all the reasons why you are not going to encourage lust.

The reasons could be any like because it's a sin, it's a hindrance in spiritual life, it makes you drained and week, every reason, write almost all reasons you have to avoid lust. Now put this paper with you wherever you go, because you don't know where cupid is going to target you.

And whenever your senses start troubling you by pulling towards lust, just open take out this paper and answer these reasons to your senses. This tip ( or technique ) is going to help you a lot in successfully leading a brahmacharya life.

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Brahmacharya tips & techniques #2 : List out the benefits of leading Brahmacharya ( celibacy ) lifestyle

What if I say you can earn some free mobile recharge and a free health book by sharing any post in my website ?? You would surely share it, right ?? Why do you do that, because some way you are getting some benefits.

The primary reason why people do some task is they get some benefits by doing that. So now, you to follow a sincere brahmachari ( celebatic ) life, you need to know the benefits of doing that. So just write out all the benefits of leading a brahmacharya lifestyle in a paper and put it in your pocket.

Now read all the benefits in the paper for 3 times a day ( early morning, afternoon and while going to bed at night ). This tip helps you lead a sincere brahmachari ( celebatic ) life at least for the sake of benefits listed.

Brahmacharya tips & techniques #3 : Know the disadvantages of not leading a Brahmacharya ( celibacy ) lifestyle

You have listed the advantages ( benefits ) of leading a Brahmacharya ( celibacy ) lifestyle and now it's time to list the disadvantages of not leading a Brahmacharya ( celibacy ) lifestyle.

And as I already said anything could come in this list too. Disadvantages could be many like it turns you a puppet to women, you might get attacked with STDs, it turns you weak and lean. Anything, any disadvantages that many arise you know.

Now just like in the first and second tips, just place this paper in your pocket and it helps you face lustful thoughts at tough times.

Brahmacharya tips & techniques #4 : Make spiritual books and speeches your best friends

Spiritual books and speeches keeps you attached to spiritual things. Many people become slaves for material life because they are unaware of spiritual things. Once they know about the spiritual life and the taste the happiness in spirituality, they would never think about material things.

So, start reading books like Bible, Ramayana, Quran, Mahabharat. You can also get some best books on Brahmacharya (celibacy) by great spiritual master and start reading them. Also try to read the biographies of great brahmacharis and spiritual masters. In those books you could find some ways to cross your barriers easily.

Today's technology also allows you to cling to spirituality with other means. If you are not willing to read books, go for audio and video speeches. You could find hundreds of spiritual speeches in your own languages in Youtube. Just search for them and keep listening to them.

Brahmacharya tips & techniques #5 : Cultivate Vairagya ( dispassion )

The main reason why you fail continuously in leading a Brahmacharya (celibacy) lifestyle is because your are attached to the material things like body, money and relations so deeply. So start cultivating Vairagya.

Now, what is Vairagya. Vairagya is nothing but dispassion or non-attachment to material things. You are so deeply attached to the body of opposite sex because of the impressions of your previous births and previous habits.

The first thing you need to do now is to not let your mind create new impressions. Many of us always lives in a imaginary world and that's the reason we create new impressions. Start living in present and real world, then you wouldn't create any new impressions.

The next thing is to wipe out the old impressions. For this practice to live in solitude ( alone ) for 1 or 2 days in a week. Try to live those 1 or 2 days in a nearby temple or just get yourself into nature.

Brahmacharya tips & techniques #6 : Practice yoga everyday

Yoga is one great way to stay healthy and fit. But what many people are unaware is that, yoga is not just for health benefits. The main intention behind it is to unite all your thoughts and senses.

Because you are a slave to your senses, you are unable to follow a perfect Brahmacharya lifestyle. If you could get good grip on your senses, then there wouldn't be any trouble to turn yourself into a brahmachari.

So for this train yourself well in controlling your senses with some yoga asanas like Brahmacharyasana, Sarvangasana, Siddhasana, Padangushthasana and Sirshasana. Don't give a break even a single day. Follow some good yoga tips by popular yoga masters for better results.

Brahmacharya tips & techniques #7 : Practice meditation for 10 to 15 minutes everyday

Meditation is another good way to create barrier for all the thoughts that flows in your mind. Create a topic yourself and meditate on that everyday. The best time I suggest is to do it on early mornings. Because this prepares yourself to battle with lust all day.

The topic that yogis suggest is " why you should avoid lust ". Just meditate on this topic for 10 to 15 minutes. Give yourself various reasons for this. Your reasons should be genuine and perfect. Because these reasons are going to help in avoiding even a single basic thought of lust.

Try different topics everyday. The other day you could meditate on the " Ways to avoid lust " and another day you could meditate on " Benefits you get by leading a Brahmacharya life ". In this way, prepare you mind well for brahmacharya lifestyle.

Brahmacharya tips & techniques #8 : Make yourself busy with some productive works

Many bad thoughts arrive into you mind when you are free. So, don't be free in any moment. Try to keep busy yourself in some productive works. Learn new things when you are free. Try to learn all the slokas in Bhagavad Gita or try to read the life stories of great yogis like Vivekananda, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Swami Sivananda and more.

Someway or other, you need to keep yourself busy with some productive work. Remember, I said some productive works. But not time wasting things like chatting with your friends and watching some action movies. They are going distract you, so take care.


So, these are the 8 Brahmacharya (celibacy) tips & techniques suggested by some famous gurus who lead a perfect Brahmachari life. So just follow these simple tips suggested by masters and turn your dream of leading Brahmacharya life into true. 

And if you got some good Brahmacharya (celibacy) tips & techniques, please write them in comments section. You could even mail me those tips so that I could update in the post. And please don't forget to share the article in social circles.


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