6 Best natural tips to relieve constipation permanently

6 Best natural tips to relieve constipation permanently - Tipsmonk

Here are 6 Best natural tips to relieve constipation permanently by Tipsmonk. These home remedies for constipation are so simple to follow and really works for all ages and during pregnancy too.

What is Constipation ?

Constipation, generally a big problem seen in old people and kids. These days many young people also suffer from the problem of constipation. Constipation is a general health problem where people suffer from infrequent bowel movements.

Constipation is majorly seen in old people because of their low metabolism which leads in less activity of intestines. But these days because of improper daily routines people suffer from constipation at the age of 20's and 30's too.

Constipation could be caused by many reasons like taking improper diet, less intake of water, lacking in the enough fiber quantities and more.  Recent studies shows some shocking reasons for constipation like regular intake of pain killers, vitamin tablets and chocolates.

According to ancient Indian medical science, going just once a day to bathroom is also considered as constipation. One who goes two times a day for bathroom is considered as a healthy person. In today's unhealthy world, many people suffer from constipation and clear their bowel only once for 2 days. Many old people are able to do it only once for 3 to 5 days.

And if you are one among those suffering from severe constipation problem and tired of searching for best tips and home remedies on web, then here are 6 best natural tips that are so simple to relieve the constipation problem permanently. These simple home remedies for constipation are completely natural

For this you don't need a doctor, you can try these tips at home and find better results. Here I am not just suggesting you tips or home remedies to cure constipation temporarily but giving some permanent solutions in the form of simple tips.  Now let's get deep into those tips.

Tips #1 : Take good amount of fiber food

Eating food with inadequate quantities of fiber is one major reason for constipation. So from now take food which is high in fiber. Fiber could be highly found in foods like wheat, barley, oats, corn and finger millet. So try to include any of these foods in your regular diet.

But I suggest you to not take fiber food in huge quantities right from now, because they leads to many other problems like gas problems, motions, indigestion and other. So, it's better to include these foods in less quantities from now and keep on gradually increasing day by day.

If you could follow this tip for a week or two, it can relieve you from constipation problem. Really a simple home remedy, right ? Now let's get into the second tip.

Tips #2 :Take good amount of liquids

This is the second tip to cure constipation permanently. Take good amount of liquids like water and other fruit juices everyday. This helps in making the faeces turn smooth and easily get out of the bowels.

So from now start consuming 8 to 12 glasses ( 4 to 5 liters ) of water everyday. Besides you can also consume other fruit juices of your choice. A simple tip for this is to consume a glass of water for every 2 hours, whether you are at your office, home or travelling somewhere. 

Just take a glass of water for every 2 hours. This is going to help you lot in relieving constipation problem.

Tips #3 : Use Indian commode instead of Western commode

Western commodes are one other reason for constipation. While using western commodes, you don't apply required pressure on your stomach to let faeces out of your bowels.

So it's better to use Indian commodes instead of using Western commodes because Indian commodes let you apply that required pressure and helps in letting the faeces out of the bowels smoothly. And if you have some serious knee and joint pain problems, you can go for western commodes as usually.

This is one of the best home remedies generally Indian doctors suggest for constipation problem. So, try this to get out of your constipation problem.

Tips #4 : Abdomen exercise with fist

An everyday 3 minutes fist exercise on abdomen in the early mornings can help you relieve from constipation permanently. Let's get into the process.

Right after waking up on the morning, sleep in soldier pose. Now make circular movements with your fist on abdomen in clock wise direction. Make sure to apply some pressure ( but don't overdo it ). Make circular rounds for about 3 minutes ( approximately 20 to 30 rounds ).

This is a kind of massage for large intestines. This supports in peristaltic movement and helps you clear your bowel smoothly. This is another best remedy for constipation problem. Most of the Ayurvedic gurus suggest this natural home remedy for constipation.

Tips #5 : Walking therapy for 30 minutes

Walking everyday for 30 minutes on early morning can give you many benefits and the one useful for you is it can relieve constipation. Walk first 10 minutes slowly, the next 10 minutes walk fast with rigorous hand movements, the remaining 10 minutes slowly.

This is the best and simple tip for constipation because it causes intestine movements and helps you clean your bowel. Again a simple home remedy, right ?

Tips #6 : Yoga therapy for 20 minutes

Any kind of physical exercise can hep you relieve constipation and yoga is one best form of exercise for constipation. There are some best yoga asanas like Baddha Konasana, Halasana, Uttanasana, Pavanmuktasana for constipation.

So just practice these 4 yoga asanas each for 5 minutes on early mornings. This is the perfect tip that worked for many in relieving constipation, so for sure you too could find best results by this.


Now why late, just make use of these simple tips and get out of the constipation problem. If you got any best tips to cure constipation don't forget to post them in comments section, it could be a great help.

And let these simple tips reach to all those who are suffering from constipation problem, share it in your social circles.

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