5 Ayurvedic tips to increase sperm count naturally without medicines

5 Ayurvedic tips to increase sperm count naturally without medicines - Tipsmonk

Here are 5 best Ayurvedic tips to increase sperm count naturally without medicines. Cure Infertility problem with these simple home remedies.

What is Infertility and it's reasons ?

Some 150 or 200 years ago, Infertility in men is considered as a serious health condition. But these days Infertility is the one most common health disorder seen in men. Low sperm count turned into a general health issue like sinus and indigestion problems.

But one thing people need to remember is that Infertility is really a serious health condition and need proper and immediate care to cure it. Infertility in men is caused due to some basic problems like slow sperm movement and deviant shape of sperm. But low sperm count is the one reason that stands top for infertility.

Main reasons for low sperm count

Again low sperm count is due to many reasons like divergent food habits, anomalous lifestyle, aging, spinal problems and more. But whatever is the cause, Tipsmonk suggests you 5 Ayurvedic tips which are considered the best to increase sperm count.

You don't need to visit a Ayurvedic guru or use some western medicines to increase your sperm count, you can increase it yourself naturally at home with these simple ayurvedic remedies suggested below. Now let's dive into those 5 best Ayurvedic tips to increase sperm count naturally.

Tips #1 : Eat a pomegranate everyday

Pomegranate is packed with good amount of anti-oxidants which help to increase sperm count. Almost all men consist a dangerous chemical in their blood which demolish sperm and lead to low sperm count.

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But anti-oxidants in pomegranate can aid in lowering that chemical and increase sperm count. A pomegranate everyday works like a body guard for your sperm. So, eat a pomegranate everyday 3 hours before you go to bed.

Though the reason is unknown, great Ayurveda masters suggested to eat pomegranate only 3 hours before going to bed for better results. So do follow this simple ayurvedic tip right from today and increase your sperm count, go get some fresh pomegranates. This is the best ayurvedic medicine to increase sperm count. Now, lets get into the second tip.

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Tips #2 : Consume castor leaf powder with honey

Take some leaves of Castor oil plant ( Ricinus communis ) and clean them well with fresh water. Now let them dry in shade until they get completely dried. Then make those dry castor oil leaves to powder.

Top & best Ayurvedic tips, medicines, home remedies, herbs, natural treatment to increase sperm count

Store this castor oil leaves powder in steel box so that you could use this everyday. Now what all you need to do to increase your sperm count is to consume this powder with pure honey everyday.

Take half table spoon of powder and mix it well with 2 table spoons of pure honey. Now consume this 1 hour before you go to bed. Follow this natural ayurvedic tip for 10 to 15 days, you can find good growth in your sperm count. You can even follow this tip for months and years, but remember it leads to huge sperm count. Of course, who don't need that.

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Tips #3 : Buffalo milk with grape juice therapy

Sounds little weird, right ?? But helps a lot in promoting sperm count. This is one top recommendation by Ayurveda gurus for increase in sperm count. Now let's see what this buffalo milk therapy is.

First, get 500 ml of buffalo milk and boil it just like how you do with normal milk. Now, get some fresh black grapes and make them into juice. Then mix 200 ml of grape juice in the boiled buffalo milk and stir it well.

Top & best Ayurvedic tips, medicines, home remedies, herbs, natural treatment to increase sperm count

 Now consume this juice on empty stomach on early morning. If you could follow this Buffalo milk therapy tip for 2 to 3 weeks, you can experience a huge growth in your sperm count. This gives you a lot of energy too.

 And this Buffalo milk therapy could also be so helpful in nerves weakness, fatigue and many other seasonal diseases. Really a useful and natural ayurvedic medicine, right ?

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Tips #4 : Dried dates with cow ghee

Most of us know that dried dates and cow ghee are very useful in promoting health. But do you know that mixture of dried dates and cow ghee can help you in increasing your sperm count. Might be no, right ?  Now let's get into that simple tip that helps in increasing your sperm count.

Get some dried dates ( could be 40 to 50 ) and remove the seeds in it. Now cut each date fruit into 4 pieces. Then get a small clay pot and put these date pieces into the clay pot. Make sure that you cleaned the clay pot well with water.

Top & best Ayurvedic tips, medicines, home remedies, herbs, natural treatment to increase sperm count

Now get some pure cow ghee and pour it in the clay pot with date pieces until they get completely dipped. Then Close it with some lid. Now comes the hardest part, you need to leave it for 21 days. Yes, the dates should get completely soaked in the ghee for a period of 21 days. After 21 days, eat 2 date pieces ( along with some ghee ) on the morning and 2 date pieces in the evening.

If you could follow this tip for a period of 40 days, it can increase your sperm count and let you get out of the infertility problem. During the 21 days preparation time you could start following the remaining 4 tips.

Even this natural ayurvedic medicine helps in fighting many diseases like back pains, head aches and more. This dried dates with cow ghee therapy also help in increasing skin complexion. Now let's get into the last tip.

Tips #5 : Bottle Gourd seeds 

Bottle Gourd helps in minimising heat in the body. Not just bottle gourd, it's seeds are also very helpful in cooling body. Some people gets cold on eating bottle gourd, such people can eat bottle gourd seeds.

Bottle Gourd seeds not only helps in increasing sperm count, it also helps in curing premature ejaculation. Some people suffers from pain during ejaculation due to heat. Bottle Gourd seeds helps in cooling and promote free ejaculation.

Top & best Ayurvedic tips, medicines, home remedies, herbs, natural treatment to increase sperm count

Bottle Gourd seeds therapy is another natural medicine generally ayurvedic masters suggest for low sperm count and ejaculation problems. Now let's get into it. Get some bottle gourd seeds and let them dry. Now grind these dried seeds to fine powder and store in a glass vessel for daily use.

You can consume this bottle gourd seeds powder directly with honey. You can even mix with salt and eat with rice or roti. Both processes helps in increasing sperm count. Try to consume at least 2 tea tablespoons of powder everyday. Try this tip for 10 days, it really increases your sperm count. 


So now you are with 5 best ayurvedic tips to increase sperm count. These are completely home remedies and from now you don't need to visit a doctor or use some medicines to increase your sperm count.

Besides following these tips, it's good to do yoga and meditation for few minutes everyday. And daily masturbation and sex results in low sperm count. So, its better to have sex or masturbation weekly once. Yes, I said one in a week. Because it helps you in maintaining proper sperm count. And if you could lead a  Brahmacharya lifestyle during you follow the suggested tips, it could be a great help to you. 

Now if you know some other good natural ayurvedic tips to increase sperm count with simple home remedies, kindly suggest by posting in comments section. You could even mail me those tips. And please don't forget to share this article in your social circles.

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