5 Best Health tips from ancient Indian books of Ayurveda

5 Best Health tips from ancient Indian books of Ayurveda - Tipsmonk

Here are 5 Best Health tips from ancient Indian books of Ayurveda. These Ayurvedic ways help you in leading a healthy 100 years life.

Ayurveda ( also called as Ayurvedam ) is the most ancient Indian science that deals with life. Ayurveda is natural and most advanced in dealing many health problems that are normal today. Unlike modern western medicine, Ayurveda is the system of science that doesn't have any side effects.

Ayurveda is originated in India long back thousands of years ago. Dhanvantari, who is considered as the father of Ayurveda taught this life-saving science to his disciples Susruta , Pauskalavata and some others. This knowledge was again shared by eligible students and stored in books for future generation.

Even today many popular gurus like Baba Ramdev, Elchuri Venkatrao and Jaggi Vasudev are striving hard to share this knowledge of life-saving and life-promoting science. Now let's get into those 5 Ayurveda health tips from ancient Indian books.

Tips #1 : Eat handful of soaked peanuts everyday

Do you know that Peanuts ( also called as groundnuts) are a complete diet. Yes, you can solely depend on Peanuts and promote your life without any other diet. In India, even today many spiritual seekers and yoga masters depend on a complete peanut diet. Peanuts are complete food and this single food can help you in promoting your health and saving yourself from many health problems.

But remember that you shouldn't eat peanuts without soaking them in water. Because raw peanuts can cause you some skin and health problems. So, its better to soak raw peanuts in water for 7 to 8 hours and eat them.

Peanuts are a part of daily diet in many parts of South India. They use peanuts in making chutneys and laddus. So, from today make this simple Ayurvedic tip as a habit to lead a healthy life.

Tips #2 : Eat food on banana leaves

Eating food on banana leaves may sound a little weird for people living in western world, but it's quite common in many parts of India. In many parts of South India, you don't find plastic plates in hotels and restaurants. You should compulsorily eat on banana leaves there. This is one of the basic and must to follow rules in Ayurveda lifestyle.

Unlike plastic plates, banana leaves are so natural and doesn't promote many life taking diseases like cancer and comes with many health benefits. Banana leaves are so rich in anti-oxidants and by eating on those helps you get some good amount of anti-oxidants. According to Ayurveda, eating on banana leaves helps you fight many common diseases like cough, cold, fever and promote good health. 

Another unknown fact is that it even promotes good digestion and improves sperm count.  So don't kill yourself by eating on plastic plates, just start using banana leaves from today to stay healthy ever.

Tips #3 : Add some Indian mustard seeds into your daily dishes

After many experiments, ancient Indian scientists have found that there are many uses of Indian mustard seeds for health and insisted people to add some mustard seeds into their daily dishes. And this became a habit for Indians to add mustard seeds into their daily foods like Dal, Curd rice and more.

Indian mustard seeds helps in generating excess heat in body and fight with Kapha and vata diseases like indigestion, sinus infections, rashes, bacteria in brain. Indian mustard seeds also helps in curing paralysis, leprosy and many other health problems.

So from today add 3 to 4 pinches of Indian mustard seeds in your daily dishes to fight against diseases and stay healthy. 

Tips #4 : Consume Amla ( Indian gooseberry ) everyday

Amla is not only best in it's taste but also in health promoting qualities. Amla is best source for those who are in lack of C Vitamin. Indian gooseberry or Amla is best in fighting eye related diseases, premature hair fall and sex related problems

Indian gooseberry is the top recommendation by Ayurveda gurus for constipation. Amla has earned top position in Ayurveda with it's numerous health promoting qualities. The importance of Amla is highlighted in many ancient Indian books on Ayurveda.

Many Ayurveda and online e-commerce stores sell amla in the form of juice and powder. Just get them and consume on daily basis. Seriously it helps in fighting many diseases in daily life and helps in promoting your health. People in India consume Amla in the form pickle which can be stored and used for months.

Tips #5 : Consume water in Copper bottle or vessels

These days we got so habituated to drinking water in plastic bottles, but do you know that they might cause you some life taking cancers ? Probably no, and though if you know you don't find other option . Don't worry, copper bottles are the best option to store water.

Yes, though today Indians use plastic bottles to store water, previously people used to store them in clay or copper pots. Even today many old people consume water in copper vessels in India.

Copper vessel pull out all the negative energy in the water and kills the harm causing bacteria in it. Drinking water stored in copper vessels promotes better digestion, helps in weight loss, and it even slows down the process of ageing.

Here it ends. These health tips are so simple and easy to follow, but hits back with heaps of health benefits. So from today just start following these 5 best health tips which are taken from ancient Indian books of Ayurveda and start leading a healthy life.

If you have any doubts and personal experiences, please don't hesitate to comment. And now don't be selfish, let your friends also lead a healthy life ; share this article in your social circle.

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