5 Best tips to control dandruff yourself at home by hair experts

5 Best tips to control dandruff yourself at home by hair experts - Tipsmonk

Here are 5 Best tips to control dandruff yourself at home by hair experts. These simple home remedies will work like magic for all dandruff problems.

These days we see many people spending thousands of money on hair care. They try many ways for strong and good looking hair, but we see them fail continuously. Many young people suffer with the problem of hair loss at the very tender age of 20's.

Probably you too might be one of those with hair loss problems. But have you ever thought of investigating the reasons for your hair fall ( and you don't need a professional investigator to do this, you can do it by yourself ). On searching the reasons for hair fall, most people find that it's because of Dandruff.

Due to the increase in pollution, dust gets accumulated on your hair as you leave on to streets and this dust turns into dandruff and turn your hair weak. This further leads to problems like dry hair and hair loss. So to make your hair strong and prevent hair loss, first you need to follow some tips to prevent dandruff in your hair.

To prevent dandruff, there are many ways people suggest. But, here are 5 best tips to control dandruff yourself at home by hair experts who are in the field of hair care from decades. So, just dive into those tips and make your hair dandruff-free.

Tips #1: Apple anti-dandruff therapy

Sounds professional and little interesting, right ? Do you know that apple not just helps in keeping doctor away but also helps in keeping dandruff away from your hair. Yes this simple tip is going to be very beneficial for your hair.

For this get two fresh apples and wash them well. Then smash those apples and store them in a clean jar or some bowl. Now, gently apply this apple smash to your hair with your fingers. Let the apple smash get well into scalp. Then leave it for 40 to 45 minutes and wash your hair. Try this Apple anti-dandruff therapy twice a week for best results.

Tips #2 : Homemade anti-dandruff coconut hair oil

Homemade things are always the best, it could be food or beauty product. Now, let's get into the preparation of homemade anti-dandruff coconut hair oil to make your hair dandruff free.

First get half kilo pure coconut oil. Then squeeze 5 average size lemons and mix the juice in coconut oil. Now place the bowl with oil on a stove and boil it for a while. Then filter the oil and store it in a bottle.

Now use this anti-dandruff oil daily, either mornings or evenings. You could find better results in couple of days. Besides reducing dandruff, this oil also promotes long, strong and black hair. Awesome tip, right ?

Tips #3 : Tomato with lemon

Lemon is the best friend for those with pimple problems. Lemon is not just helpful in curing pimples and black marks, but also it helps in curing dandruff problem. Squash a tomato to paste and store it in a bowl. Then squeeze a lemon to juice and add to the tomato paste.

Now apply this paste on your hair, deep into scalp and leave it for 20 to 30 minutes. Now wash your hair well. Try this tip twice a week and observe. This tip helps to reduce dandruff well.

Tips #4 : Hot towel therapy

Hot towel therapy, sounds little professional again, right ? Now, what all you need to do is to take your towel and place it in boiling water. Let it soak for a while. Then take it out and wait for a while until the towel become warm ( because too hot can lead to some hair problems ).

Now just cover the warm towel on your hair like you regularly do after shower. Leave the towel for 10 to 15 minutes and then remove. This hot towel therapy really works like a magic for hair dandruff problems. But better avoid doing this tip if you have severe sinus problems.

Tips #5 : Neem oil therapy

Neem oil is one popular recommended remedy for those with hair dandruff problems. Neem oil works like a magic in maintaining the pH levels of your scalp which helps in prevention of dandruff. This tip also helps in curing many other hair problems.

So just get some pure neem oil and massage your hair thrice a week with it for 10 to 15 minutes. You would observe no dandruff in two weeks.

Besides these you should also take care in choosing right shampoos for your hair. I personally recommend using ayurvedic products which are completely natural than these western hair products with lots of harm causing chemicals.

You should also take care of your hair by covering it with some cloth while you leave on to roads. Because pollution on roads stands top in leading to dandruff problems.

Now come on, don't be late. Dandruff is going to kill your hair, so start trying these 5 tips to control dandruff which are recommended by hair experts and start finding results. But don't forget to share this article and comment your personal experiences.

I also request you to suggest any tips ( if you know any ) for dandruff problems by commenting in comments section. You can even mail me those tips.


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