5 Amazing Dr.Elchuri ayurvedic beauty tips for face and skin

5 Amazing Dr.Elchuri ayurvedic beauty tips for face and skin - Tipsmonk

Here are 5 Amazing Dr.Elchuri Venkat Rao ayurvedic beauty tips for face and skin. Make your skin look young and beautiful with these natural home remedies.


Got tired by searching for best ayurvedic beauty tips for your skin and face on the web ? Don't worry, here are 5 Amazing ayurvedic beauty tips for face and skin by great Ayurveda pandit Dr. Elchuri Venkat Rao from.

There would be very few people who are unaware of Pandit Elchuri Venkat Rao in South India. He is very famous ayurvedam guru and well known for his home remedies for any kind of disease ( elchuri ayurvedam in Telugu ). He is well known for his telugu television health show " Andariki Ayurvedam " ( which means Ayurvedam for all ) in ZTelugu. He is also well known with his monthly magazine " Andariki Ayurvedam ". Dr. Elchuri has also written many books on Ayurvedam and Home remedies.

Many of his books are written in Telugu and this became a great problem for those who are unaware of telugu. And I feel that great Ayurvedam knowledge by Dr. Elchuri should not be limited to telugu people but it should be useful for all others. So today I thought of sharing some best beauty tips for face and skin in English prescribed by Dr. Elchuri in many of his Andariki Ayurvedam books and television shows. Now let's get into those elchuri tips which are taken from elchuri ayurvedic tips in Telugu.

#1 Dr.Elchuri ayurvedic beauty tips : For Dry Pimples

If you are searching for elchuri tips for pimples, here is the top tip. Dry Pimples are one great hurdle for beautiful face in both men and women. Mainly youth suffers a lot with pimples problem. So for those who are fighting with dry pimple problems, here is a best ayurvedic home remedy by Dr. Elchuri.

Take a pure dry turmeric stick and dry ginger stick. Now make them into paste by adding some water. Then apply this paste on the dry pimples before you go to bed. Leave it for whole night and wash your face with lukewarm water on the morning. Then you would find your pimples turned smooth. If the pimple not yet turned smooth, then try it for another day.

Then just press those pimples with your finger so that the fat substance get out of the pimple. But remember to not press your dry pimples with nails. That's it, you got cleared with the pimple problem.

But there might be a chance of pimple turning into a black mark. And for those with the problem of pimple black marks, below is a another amazing ayurvedic tip by Dr. Elchuri. 

#2 Dr.Elchuri ayurvedic beauty tips :  For Pimple Black Marks

Pimple black marks are really a great hindrance for beauty on face. They really makes you look ugly and they ruin all the beauty on your face. So, for all those who are suffering a lot with pimple black marks here is an amazing ayurvedic tip by Dr. Elchuri.

First take 5 tomatoes, 1 carrot and a 10 gm beetroot slice. Now grind all these three and make it into fine paste by adding some water. Then filter the paste to juice and store the filtered paste in some bowl. Then add a spoon of pure honey into the juice and drink it.

Now add some milk cream layer into the filtered paste and apply on the black spots. You can even apply on the complete face. Leave it for 30 minutes or 1 hour and clean it with lukewarm water. 

Try this tip for 3 to 4 days, your pimple black marks would completely disappear. This best ayurvedic tip not only helps in curing pimple black marks but also it helps in increasing your face skin complexion. So simple and amazing tip, right ? Now lets get into the elchuri tip for clean skin 

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#3 Dr.Elchuri ayurvedic beauty tips : For Clean And Clear Skin

If you are searching for elchuri tips for face glow, this can work perfectly for you. All major problems like pimples and others occur on your face because of skin not being clean and clear. Because of heavy pollution occurring these days, dust gets accumulated on the skin and they turn into pimples and they again turn into black marks. So, to keep your face beautiful you need to keep your skin clean and clear. For this, here is a best ayurvedic tip by Dr. Elchuri.

Take raw turmeric powder and black sesame seeds in equal quantity. Now grind them into smooth paste by adding some water. Then apply this paste of turmeric powder and sesame seeds on face before you go to bed. Now leave the paste on skin for whole night and wash it with luck warm water on the morning.

By doing this for a week you would find your skin so clean and clear. This simple ayurvedic beauty tip not only helps in removing dust accumulated on skin, but also removes all dead cells and black marks on your skin. So you get clean and clear skin with a simple tip ayurvedic tip without spending thousands on beauty products. Feeling awesome, yes ?

#4 Dr.Elchuri ayurvedic beauty tips : For Blood Purification

Impure blood is the main reason behind pimples and many other skin problems. And further impure blood could occur with various reasons like unhealthy food habits, no regular exercises, constipation and more. And whatever is the reason, here is a best ayurvedic tip by dr elchuri for blood purification. 

First take 10 gm of black pepper and fry these in 10 gm of pure ghee. Now take out those black pepper and eat that ghee along with rice or bread. You could even consume that ghee with any other foods you like.

 And eat those fried pepper on either early mornings or an hour before you got to bed. Try this simple tip for a week, your blood will be so purified and make your skin pimple and blemish free.

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#5 Dr.Elchuri ayurvedic beauty tips : For Black Spots On Face and Skin

Black marks or spots on skin and face could be by many reasons like pimples and wounds. And id you are so worried about the black marks or spots on your face and skin, here is a simple ayurvedic tip to cure them naturally with simple home remedies.

Take a raw egg and break it in a bowl. Now separate the egg white from the yolk. Then take a piece of cotton and soak in the egg white. Now massage that cotton with egg white on the black spots or marks for 7 to 8 minutes. The spots or marks could be on any part of your skin like face, hands or neck, this simple ayurvedic remedy can clear those black marks or blemishes.

This is really amazing, right ? Now you don't need some kind of costly medication to clear any black marks, spots or blemishes on your skin and face. Just follow this cost effective ayurvedic tip by Dr. Elchuri and make your skin look beautiful.


These are the 5 Amazing ayurvedic beauty tips for face and skin by dr Elchuri from elchuri ayurvedamfor today. Now don't be late, just start following these simple and best ayurvedic tips and cure all your skin and face problems in couple of days naturally. These elchuri ayurvedic tips telugu are proven and has no side effects. Also try panditha elchuri products for fast and best results.

And if you got some good ayurvedic beauty tips by Dr. Elchuri Venkat Rao, please don't hesitate to write them in comments section. You can even mail me those ayurvedic tips. Now it's time to share this article in your social circles, please do it.


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