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How to write a successful essay ? Several tips.

Each year, teachers give students a lot of academic tasks and they want to develop their creative thinking, the ability to independently look for true sources of information, conduct research, etc. Students should write essays and learn to think creatively, to prove their arguments. The essay is a very effective method for controlling and verifying knowledge. Therefore, teachers so often give doing it. The essay expresses the individual impressions and considerations of the author, therefore, he claims to have a comprehensive interpretation.

Although the essay is a small piece of work, it is difficult for some people to write it. That’s why they often call the writing essay service or thesis writing service if needed, or seek for ways how to ease their tasks. There are many types of essays, therefore, each of them should have a special approach. Not every essay can be easy to write. After all, in one you should give your own logical beliefs, in the other - to describe one or another phenomenon, yet another try to creatively express your thoughts, etc.

To write a successful essay, the student must himself see the problem and express his arguments on paper. This kind of work contributes to expressing your own thoughts from a creative perspective. The use of an essay promotes a more clear and competent formulation of thoughts, helps to position these thoughts in a logical sequence, involves the fluency in the language of terms and concepts, reveals the depth and breadth of the educational material, teaches the use of examples, etc.

So what are writing tips for a successful essay ? 
  • You must find and understand the problem that you should describe in your essay;
  • To express a subjective view of the problem, attitude toward it;
  • To demonstrate knowledge taking into account the requirements of the curriculum, the tasks of the discipline, to further process the materials, the collected and summarised arguments, as well as your own independent position;
  • The essay must contain a headline;
  • The successful essay is possible only in the presence of an unexpected turn in the disclosure of the topic;

Writing an essay shows that the student has a certain circle of knowledge about one or another subject, the given topic, etc. The process of writing an essay can be represented as a chain, a sequence of certain elements, stages, processes. In carrying out such work the student should be able to summarize the main sentences that the teacher says or write the main statements from the books in the library. It is important to select the material to read. Choose two or three main sources (articles or books) that contain key explanations and arguments about your topic.

The next important factor for writing a successful essay is the choice of topic. When choosing a topic, the student first needs to make sure that he is correct and understands it. Since there are several approaches to highlighting the topic. So the student should be able to justify his vision of the problem. At the same time, the content of the topic can cover a wide range of issues and require the involvement of a large volume of literature. You must argue your vision of the problem. You need to write a plan of the answer or the structure of the essay. Like every written task, you must know that the essay consists of parts. As with every written task, you must know that an essay consists of parts that outline the main issue mentioned in the work.

So whether your essay will be successful or not depends on you only: your strengths, abilities, knowledge and skills.
Picking Up a Perfect Gift for Your Girlfriend -   Guide for Dummies

Choosing a gift for a girl can be a difficult thing if you do not think everything over well enough. The best gift is the one that can affect most significant areas in a woman's life. And this means you need to think what the girl wants most of all, before choosing a gift.

In general, you can give present either on holidays (birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day) or on any day you want, as a surprise for your beloved. In order to please your date, you should know a few rules that help you simplify the process of choosing a gift and will help you understand how to choose the right gift.

Nowadays, there is a huge number of options. You can choose a gift for all tastes and all purses. Now, let’s take a look at some gift-choosing-rules.

1. Listen carefully to your girl and write down (or remember) what she says.

Quite often girls mention (accidentally or not) what they dream about, which presents they like, what stuff seems useful in their opinion. Think, maybe she saw something in the shop window, but for some reason she could not buy it.

Pay attention to such details, they may contain an answer to your question about the gift. This will save you a lot of time and show the girl that you pay attention to things that are important to her.

2. Pay attention to details.

For example, you can pay attention to the girl's favorite colors, the music she prefers, the kinds of jewelry she likes, her hobbies.

In case these details do not help you find gifts that a Russian girl would love, for example, then at least you will know what is not worth giving. For example, a girl, who loves silver, will hardly like a golden jewelry. Or, if a girl loves cats, you should not give her a dog.

3. Choose the gift all by yourself.

Do not ask her friends or parents about things she prefers or needs. They may be unaware of those, or they may only think they know, but be wrong in their thoughts.

Besides, they cannot keep quiet and are likely to tell your girlfriend that you are looking for a gift for her - it will just spoil the surprise.

4. Think about what a girl may think when she receives a gift.

You need to choose a gift that will have one meaning, understandable to both of you. Try to avoid ambiguous gifts. In this case, the girl can significantly limit your searches and show you the right direction to where to find a gift.

5. Use the Internet in your search.

If a girl has a profile in social networks, you are likely find out about her preferences and desires there. The best discovery is, the so-called, “wish list”.

6. Leave your extraordinary ideas for the next time.

If you have not decided which extraordinary gift will suit your girl, then forget about being creative and get a certificate for a store she visits regularly.

7. It happens that nothing helps, and you are still confused about what to give.

There is only one way out – ask your girl directly.

The best way to give a gift to a girl

Hundreds of men who managed to cope with their internal fears and doubts, and learn to treat girls the way they love it. Unfortunately, most of these men are lady-killers. But what prevents other men from using their experience for good?

First of all, we must not forget that the gift giving occasion include not only classical holidays – Christmas, Valentine’s day, birthday, etc. It is likely that your girl receives dozen of presents on a holiday and your present may be lost in a pile of other things her friends, colleagues and relatives. The best way to avoid it is to give an unexpected gift, on a day related only to their relationship. A small cute little thing the 10th day from your first kiss or a neat souvenir, as a reminder of the first Monday after being apart for the whole weekends – these are simple and romantic ways to give a gift to your beloved. And almost no woman can resist such a surprise.

Secondly, in order to give gifts unexpectedly: waking up with your beloved with a breakfast in bed, returning from the store for 20 minutes later than promised, and even in the middle of your own phrase about the recently watched film. Any moment when your woman does not expect a gift will be perfect for your gift.
Top Isagenix Alternatives - Reviews

If you are searching for Isagenix Alternatives to lose weight, here are 3 top & best Isagenix Alternatives for weight loss

The full name of Isagenix weight-loss product is IsaLean Shake. It contains around 30 ingredients and only few of them are artificial. The main flaw of this meal replacement is high amount of sugar that comes from fructose. One dosage of product contains 11 grams of this ingredient.

The quality of protein in the Isagenix shake is rather good. The protein includes casein and whey. The content of protein in one serving is also more than sufficient – 24 grams. Considering these values, it is not surprise that the energy value of IsaLean is also large. Users get 240 calories in one serving.

According to nutritional data, it seems that this product is designed to gain weight rather than to lose it. Despite the high content of protein and calories, the appetite suppression efficiency of Isagenix meal replacement is rather low. Besides, the price of the shake is also a most users’ complaint. A month supply of the shake is available for $110.

The website offers various reviews of alternatives to this meal replacement. Below you can find our opinion on the Isagenix alternatives.


Top Isagenix Alternatives - Vi-shape

This meal replacement produced by ViSalus contains three types of protein. The manufacturer claims that the shake is designed to help reduce weight without losing muscle mass. Protein is the main ingredient that provides such effect. 

Unfortunately, the protein is a blend of soy and whey. Despite the fact that whey is a qualitative source of protein, soy is one of the cheapest and hazardous sources.

The nutritional values of Vi-Shape are well-balanced. Your body will get 90 calories and 12 grams of protein in each serving. In addition, the meal replacement does not have excessive sugar and fat. 

The price of the ViSalus products is $49.99 that seems overestimated due to the lack of qualitative ingredients.


Top Isagenix Alternatives - Shakeology

This popular meal replacement provides effective suppression of appetite. Shakeology is natural product containing qualitative ingredients. Fructose is the only concerned component that provides 7 grams of sugar. 

The protein in the shake is a blend of five plant protein sources including pea and sacha inchi, and one whey protein source. Such mixture offers 18 grams of protein.

The energy value of Shakeology is 160 calories. Such amount is more than enough to reduce your craving for several hours. The users admit high efficiency of the shake, however, its usefulness in losing weight is quite disputable because of the high sugar content. 

The main issue of Shakeology is its overestimated price. 30 servings are available for $130.

Herbalife Formula 1

Top Isagenix Alternatives - Herbalife Formula 1

Regardless of the famous brand name, this meal replacement by Herbalife is not so great. First of all, it contains GMO and artificial sweeteners. The protein comes from soy that is also a flaw. 

In general, the nutritional data of Herbalife Formula 1 are good except for sugar content (9 grams) and low amount of protein (9 grams).

The main advantage of the shake is its affordable price ($36). Nevertheless, the users are dissatisfied with efficiency and taste of this meal replacement.

Here it comes to end. If you have something to tell about these weight loss products, comment them below. 

27 Best Topics to write a Dissertation on - Tipsmonk

Getting the right topic is one of the most critical stages in the process of writing your dissertation. This post lists some of the best ones to inspire you.
Unless your supervisors gave you a topic to write on, you have the duty to get the most appropriate topic to write your dissertation. You need to take time and brainstorm a topic that will fetch you the best grades at this postgraduate level of your studies. In this post, we shall look at the best examples of dissertation topics you can draw inspire you.

Examples of the best dissertation topics
  1. How does weak corporate governance affect the growth and development of business at the international level ?
  2. How does strong corporate governance bolster a company’s ability to compete and achieve its goals ?
  3. Discuss how Globalization is affecting the survival of small and medium-level businesses in your country
  4. Globalization Vs. Localization: Which one is the most suitable option for your local business community ?
  5. How can countries balance between Globalization and Localization ?
  6. Discuss ways in which local businesses can embrace Globalization without losing touch with the realities around them
  7. Discuss the advantages of a Globalized Economy
  8. Discuss the negative effects of Globalization to local businesses
  9. What are the negative impacts of global outsourcing ?
  10. How is Globalization affecting the political structures and outlook of nations within your region ?
  11. Evaluate the impact of free medical insurance cover for low income earners in your country
  12. Discuss ways through which governments in the developing world can reduce child and mother mortality
  13. How can the developing nations learn from their developed counterparts so they can reduce child mortality levels in their countries ?
  14. Discuss the factors that fuel the prevalence of mother and child mortality in the developing world
  15. Identify and discuss the key drivers leading to the spread of HIV/AIDS among the youth in your country
  16. Discuss ways in which natural disasters are a threat to food security internationally
  17. What are the challenges that face international humanitarian relief efforts ?
  18. Discuss the economic impact of HIV and AIDS on the education sector in your state
  19. Teenage alcoholism: The new challenge facing the health sector
  20. Discuss the importance of having a national policy to deal with the rising cases of teenage alcoholism
  21. How can the health sector come up with remedies to check the spread of obesity among children ?
  22. The effects of poverty on the fight against HIV and AIDS in the developing world
  23. How can small enterprises can remain relevant and survive the forces of economic recession ?
  24. Remaining small Vs. Growing big: The dilemma that small and medium-sized business managers face
  25. Navigating through seasons of change: The challenges that business managers face and their solutions
  26. Job hopping and corporate stability: How hiring managers can handle the new curse
  27. The rise of virtual currency: Should the formal banking sector embrace or confront the new wave ?

Closing remarks
There you go with the best topics to inspire you. You now have strong footing to give you a direction in your future assignments. If you need further help, you can talk to us here. More interesting information about writing a research paper you can find here at Assignmentbaron

Online Dating Free Tips

Online dating is convenient, fast, and efficient. But with the development of Internet technologies, new types of scam appeared. As in real life, online communication involves following certain safety rules. Yes, the Internet is full of scammers, but there’s no need to panic, avoid modern technologies, stop using your PC, and be constantly afraid to go online. We offer you nine rules that will help you protect yourself and avoid unnecessary problems while searching for relationships online.

1) Personal security in online dating

When registering on a dating site, make sure to protect your personal data. It’s better to create a new email address that doesn’t consist of your name and surname. When chatting with your new companion, don’t tell your name, address, and phone number right from the start.

2) Choose a reliable dating site

If you want to be sure of the full safety of your personal data, then register on a trustworthy dating service. Such sites take protecting of users’ personal data seriously: the information about you won’t be given to third parties or found via search engines.

3) A strong password

Online shops, social networks, e-mail, dating websites - you need a password everywhere. Or maybe you even use the same password for all services? Fix this problem as soon as possible. Increase the reliability of the password by using a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers.

4) Potential candidates: be vigilant

Before you start chatting with someone online, carefully study the profiles of potential companions. If the information in the profile seemed interesting to you, it's a sign that you should get to know this person better. If, when viewing the profile, you run into something that seems suspicious to you, it’s better to avoid contacting this person.

5) Secure communication

Are you interested in one of the profiles and want to get to know this person better? Or did someone write you first? In the beginning, it's better to use a website’s internal system of correspondence instead of your real e-mail. In case if you decide to cut all ties with your companion, you simply delete this user from your friends list, so she/he can’t contact you anymore.

6) Don’t trust suspicious links

During online communication, you’ll learn more about your companion: what are her/his hobbies, what books he/she reads, what music she/he listens to. When chatting, this user may share some links to other sites with you to check out. Be careful with these links, as some of them may contain malicious software.

7) Don’t give money

Any request for financial assistance should make you suspicious. No matter how touching the story of your new friend is, you should treat it with caution. Would you ask for money from a person you barely know on a dating site? Remember that your financial security is not a joke!

8) Make decisions for yourself

"Where are you?" Why don’t you answer?"- treat such messages with calmness, don’t allow yourself to be pressured. Online communication should go according to your plan. The decision to switch from an online dating to a live one must be made confidently, accompanied by the feeling that you’re making the right choice. Don’t give your new friend your home address at once; the first meeting should take place in a neutral territory.

9) Safe first date

Before going on the first date with a person you met online, follow these safety rules: arrange a meeting in a crowded place and leave the path to retreat (for example, tell your friends where you are going and ask them to call you from time to time).

When looking for a partner online, listen to your intuition, but don’t forget about common sense and be vigilant. Following safety rules doesn’t guarantee full protection from scammers, but it reduces the risks of being fooled. Thanks to our friends from Russian girls on for providing this article.

8 Major Tips to a Successful Relationship

If you are searching for some best Major Tips to a Successful Relationship, here is a list of 8 amazing tips.
While we like to believe that love is something that we are not responsible for, we are responsible for our relationships. Yes, love may strike you all of sudden, but after that everything depends on you. On both of you, precisely. And everything counts, when you are in relationships. From the way you talk to the way you act. Relationship is a fragile thing, which becomes much more fragile when left without hard work it requires. A wrong-spoken word or an odd look may lead to a feud between you. Basically, everything counts when it comes to relationships, and even the smallest thing can become the start of your relationship's ruination. If you want to keep your relationship to be successful, check out our major tips that will help you strengthen it.

Tell Your Partner That You Love Him/Her

Although it may sound cliched, but those simple words become a great help in strengthening your relationship. Yes, actions speak louder than words, but verbalising your feelings for your partner will make your partner feel wanted, cared for, and safe in your relationships.

Show Your Affection

Even the smallest acts of physical intimacy, like your arm on your partner’s shoulder or just a delicate touch, will help you express your affection for your partner. It will give your partner a warm feeling. The smallest touch often can be even more important than the long night of sexual intimacy.

Appreciate Your Partner

Don't forget about to tell your partner how proud you are of him/her, how much you admire him/her. Tell your partner that you are happy that you are together. Building a relationship is not only about hard work at the start, it's about hard work in the course of it.

Share Yourself with Your Partner

Never hide anything from your partner or keep something to yourself. Share your likes, dreams, and achievements with your partner. But don't forget that your partner needs to have a clear picture of you, so don't share only positive sides. You need to share your mistakes, fears, and dislikes as well.

Be There for Your Partner

What kind of person you are if you can turn your back on your partner? Your relationships will work only when you can be there for your partner. You need to support your partner, especially when he or she faces the major challenges.

Present Your Partner with Gifts

Material expression of your love also counts. Not that it has the most important role in your relationships, still, sometimes is the best way to express your affection. It can be whatever, from a simple bouquet to something specific, like a book of your partner's favourite writer.

Spend Time Together

Yes, you may be too busy or too tired, both of you must find a little time to spend together. You need time to share your stories, to watch some movies, or just to enjoy the company of each other.

Don't Take Your Partner for Granted

If you want your relationship to work, you can't allow yourself to relax. Your can't take your partner for granted. Relationships require a hard work and appreciation of each other.

Thanks to our friends from Russian brides on for providing this article.
How to write a descriptive essay - 11 Tips

If you are searching for some best tips on how to write a descriptive essay, here are 11 powerful tips for writing paper.

Probably each person must write an essay once in his life. But sometimes there are difficulties what it is and what rules you ought to do in right writing and good quality. The essay is a unique literary genre. In fact, is any short work written privately with any questions? A key feature of the essay is its author's execution as opposed to scientific and journalistic styles with strict data style. At the same time, the essay is below the rank of works of art.

Briefly, we can formulate a definition essay as a personal justification in terms of rights in essay writing. This sample contains a copyright work conclusions. Therefore, the sample of the essay and its requirements are only guidelines and you should take the bulk of the thoughts. Students and graduates on the eve of exams have often a question of how to write the descriptive essays. The sample of writing this kind of work they are seeking too often, and we can say that finding it is not difficult. But why do we write it in principle? This question has also the answer.

Writing an essay develops creative thinking, written presentation of thoughts skills. The man learns to identify causal connections, to structure the information, to formulate what he wanted to express, to argue his point of view, illustrating the various examples, summarise the material. The descriptive essay indicates the direction or instructs in how to complete the task, or how some action should be performed.

11 Tips for writing paper :

For this type of the essay, you must use some artistic means that help to explain the subject to the reader. Here are some tips for writing a descriptive essay.
  1. The main objective of this work is to explain topics. You should reveal any fact you want and explain it clearly, consistently with the help of literature and arguments or examples. You do not need to convince the reader something expressing your views. You should describe the overall impression of the object or phenomenon. You should describe the subject so that the reader really saw it is interesting.
  2. Choose an interesting topic of the work. On this subject, you have to find a lot of information that would help develop the theme of quality. Carefully observe the subject of your future work. Identify the main idea of the description.
  3. The sources of your information should be reliable and contain the information on the entire essay topic.
  4. Work on the language of your imagery work.
  5. Record all the ideas that come to your mind and review all tailored literature. Identify all the important facts of each source to your bibliography and try to write out everything in a notebook.
  6. The theme you choose ultimately should be reflected in your thesis. 
  7. Make a plan of the work. Give it a name.
  8. Put your reader's attention with the incredibly interesting entry. Give the reader an idea of what you are going to write.
  9. Write one thesis statement that will emphasise the theme of your work. The thesis in the descriptive essay should not contain any arguments or controversial viewpoints.
  10. All items must be logically linked. Consider the number of required paragraphs of your custom essay.
  11. Take good conclusions that generally describe the idea of your essay.

Why the people have the trouble in writing ?

Why the people have the trouble in writing

Many students try to find a sample essay because schools devote enough time to write this type of work. This works, though are considered to be the genre, and some teachers formulate the problem using this terminology, they do not have a concrete specification.

Here it ends. Hope you like this. Don't forget to comment on this in the bottom. Also bookmark this page for future use. Sharing is caring, so please share this in your social circles. Thanks in advance. 
5 Habits to make you a more attractive person - Tipsmonk

Have you ever taken thought about why some people are more admirable than others? Sure, you have. Sometimes we meet a person and notice that his or her appearance does not meet the world’s standards of beauty, but there’s something incredibly charming about them. What is the secret? These people follow the easy rules of attraction and work at their habits every day. Let us tell you about them. Our good friends from Casanova Style know everything about dating and relationships, so we took advantage of their knowledge in this article.


5 Habits to make you a more attractive person - Tipsmonk 1

It is a proven fact that smiling people look far more attractive and open. Smiling is a happy person’s obvious trait that symbolises friendliness. So, meeting new people should always be accompanied by positive facial expressions. However, there are some nuances. It is sexier for women to smile often, while for men it is rather freaky and repulsive. 

Men should be more careful when smiling and use this ‘weapon’ mostly in the moments of sexual tension. Nevertheless, it is better to express your positive emotions than sitting with poker face.

Sexy body language

5 Habits to make you a more attractive person - Tipsmonk 2

Your emotions and some thoughts may be detected due to your body language. Even a common habit of hiding your hands in pockets can be treated as the symbols of uncertainty and stress. Therefore, to be more attractive it is necessary to demonstrate your confidence with your body language. The most useful tip is keeping your body open. 

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Do not close it with your crossed arms, purse or elements of your clothes. Don’t be afraid to show your arms and demonstrate some gestures during the conversation. These moves make us more trustworthy as they reveal our openness.


5 Habits to make you a more attractive person - Tipsmonk 3

The manner of speaking is extremely important for successful communication. The numerous surveys proved that the low-pitched voice for men and high-pitched voice for women are the keys to attractiveness. High ringing female voice is associated with elegance, vulnerability, and delicacy, which were the major traits of felinity. Lower men’s voice is a symbol of strength and virility. 

As you can see, all these factors can be explained in terms of evolution, because choosing an appropriate partner was a key to successful procreation. Unfortunately, the Mother Nature cannot bestow all the people on earth with sexy voice, but its improvement is actually possible. It is never too late to work out your habits.


5 Habits to make you a more attractive person - Tipsmonk 4

You might have noticed that some fashion models and celebrities are far from the most beautiful persons, but their uniqueness and style make them admirable. That’s what you also need to enhance attractiveness – work on your own style. Read fashion blogs, watch video guides about trends, track the last tendencies, and refresh your dressing room seasonally. Chose the clothes that emphasise your appearance.

Also, give the preference to bright colours regardless of your sex. It makes you looking young, cheerful, and confident. Don’t forget to look after your haircut and hygiene, these are the basics of every image.

Humour and sincerity

5 Habits to make you a more attractive person - Tipsmonk 5

We began this article with the importance of smiling. However, there is nothing worse than a fake person. Therefore, all these tips are useless without your sincerity. Of course, you can be extremely hot and stylish, but who cares if you are not that person you are pretend to be. There’s nothing to be afraid of, openness is a great trait. If you feel a bit restrained, humour is the best way to destroy boundaries and enhance your confidence. 

There is nothing more sincere than a good laugh, which attracts both men and women. So, improve your intelligence and creativity to amaze your surroundings with nice jokes.

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