5 Ayurveda solutions for energy

Energy, the most powerful word and the most profitable business in today's world. We all remember those good old days where we used to jump, run and play on hot summer days. But today we are even unable to walk for a mile.

This is all due to unhealthy lifestyle we are leading today. And majorly due to the unhealthy food styles we adopted. Though this lead to many health issues, lack of energy is the one major problem been facing by people. And this paved way to business of energy drinks.

Today we see many top companies earning billions in the name of Energy drinks. Though these energy drinks are good in providing instant energy in the initial days, they turn into addiction and lead to many health and mental problems.

Hence we thought of suggesting some natural Ayurveda solutions to make you energetic without facing any issues. Though these Ayurveda herbs doesn't give you instant energy, usage of these will bring change in less than a month and the benefits stay longer. Let's dive into them.

1. Chyawanprash
2. Ashwagandha
3. Triphala
4. Brahmi
5. Badampak

How a Good Orthodontist Can Extend Your Life

Did you know that studies have found that the number of teeth you have as you age predicts how long you will live? Research also found that not visiting a dentist annually increase mortality risks by up to 50 percent compared to patients who receive dental care two or more times. Visiting specialists like Baum orthodontics will also help extend your life expectancy by taking on chronic illness, nutrition and social, economic or emotional stressors that contribute to tooth loss.

Why Do People Lose Teeth

Why Do People Lose Teeth?

Tooth loss occurs for many reasons from trauma and poor oral health practices to lifestyle changes like diet and smoking. It is also from gum disease. Experts have also found that people who have lost five teeth by retirement age are much more likely to suffer a chronic disease like diabetes, osteoporosis or cardiovascular, which will reduce life expectancy significantly. While many older studies link the socioeconomic condition to the quality of life, newer research is shifting the focus to how exponential tooth loss and age contribute to mortality.

Introduce Oral Health Early

Introduce Oral Health Early

During the last two decades, much has been done to prevent tooth decay. Still, 25 percent of preschool children develop cavities. About half of teens between age 12 and 15 also have cavities. To counteract it, parents must introduce oral health when the first tooth comes in which generally occurs at six months. Parents must wipe a baby’s tooth with a soft bristle brush or damp cloth. By age 2, children will begin to brush their teeth, which parents must supervise.

Visit a Dentist to Get Tooth Sealants

Visit a Dentist to Get Tooth Sealants

Your child’s molars begin to come in around the age of six. Your child’s dentist will use a sealant to prevent decay from damaging the fissures and pits, which keep plaque and calculus from building up harmful bacteria in the mouth. 

Use Fluoride

Use Fluoride

Fluoride is one of the most critical elements to oral health as it strengthens your tooth’s enamel which makes decay less likely to occur. Approximately 75 percent of Americans receive fluoride in the water piped into their homes. For those who do not get enough fluoride, it is essential to visit a dentist to get it applied to the teeth. You will also get it from toothpaste and mouthwash. It is critical not to use too much of it as it will cause white, splotchy stains on your child’s teeth.

Brush Two Times Per Day and Floss Once Daily

As tooth decay and gum disease are still problems, it is critical that you brush your teeth two times per day and floss at least once. You must also change your toothbrush with the change of every season. Teenagers should talk to a dentist or orthodontist about specialized toothbrushes or tools to brush properly. It will also be difficult for some aging adults to floss or hold the toothbrush, which a dentist will offer advice during appointments on making it more accessible.

Also, wash your mouth out with an antibacterial rinse or piece of gum after each meal to wash away bacteria and acids. Avoid lifestyle choices like smoking as it will lead to chronic illnesses.
Stop snoring today - Key to restful nights - Powerful tips

Believe it or not, snoring takes third place among the biggest causes of divorce today. In this article, we will explain and show you the possible causes of snoring. On the other side, you can’t stop snoring without a proper diagnose. Sometimes you don’t need to go and see a doctor, as the signs lead you to obvious reasons. We are sure that you would recognise many of the symptoms we are about to enumerate in this article. The great news is – there is a great chance for you to stop snoring. This will save your marriage or your relationship. If you are still single, it will help you prevent snoring so you will be ready for something serious.

Snoring BIG time

Snoring is a common problem among all ages and genders. Everybody snores and that is not a big deal. However, if it becomes a habit or a chronic issue then you might want to search for help. Snoring can endanger your health in the first place, but can also affect your relationship with the others.

What causes snoring?

• mouth, throat, and sinuses anatomy,
• allergies,
• alcohol consumption,
• fatty food consumption,
• poor physical activity,
• weight,
• flu or a cold,
• sleeping position,
• sleep deprivation.

As you can see, some factors produce snoring independently. Being born with a sinuses blockage it something you didn’t choose, right? The good thing is that you still can fix it, but it implies having surgery. On the other side, you can be responsible for snoring. Your everyday and lifestyle habits are usually the main cause of these unpleasant sounds. Concluding – just like you triggered snoring with your actions, you are the one who can make it stop also.

What happens inside?

You get it that the air coming through your breathing organs produces snoring. What you don’t know is the exact process that precedes. People inhale air through mouth and nose and exhale the same way. While you are awake, you have control over your breathing organs and your muscles. Yes, you have muscles inside your throat, tongue, and soft palate.

The air that comes through doesn’t produce harsh sounds while the muscles are tensed. However, when you lie in your bed at night, that tension disappears and the muscles relax. That muscles relaxation makes the airflow passages narrower. As there wouldn’t be enough space for the air to come through, it would tickle the tissue and make it vibrate. The vibration of the air is equal to snoring.

Snoring can trigger some serious health problems. Habitual snorers are very likely to suffer from obtrusive sleep apnea, which is a common cause of heart failures, stroke, and high blood pressure. Scientists confirmed that there is a connection between sleep apnea and Alzheimer’s disease.

Snoring for a few years is really disruptive for our psyche. You won’t notice any serious symptoms, as they would appear one by one, resulting in a bad health condition. That is why you should prevent snoring as soon as possible.

Success action plan

We are about to give you a little secret on how to stop snoring today. People are not aware that the solution to snoring is very simple. You can find it just around the corner. Snoring mouth piece is a lifesaver when it comes to your health. On the other side, it can save your marriage also. There are tons of reviews that can assure you of the efficiency of the snoring mouth piece. Wait no more! Order your snoring mouth piece and stop snoring today.

5 Expert Tips for Keeping Your Digestive System Healthy

Your digestive health is much more diverse than the food you choose to eat. While it takes proper food intake to boot your nutritional absorption, it also takes a balanced approach to health, which includes critical factors like hydration and exercise, especially if you are trying to lose weight. Neglecting your health has several consequences, so here are five expert tips for keeping your digestive system healthy.

Develop a Schedule for Eating

1. Develop a Schedule for Eating

Developing a routine to eat three nutritious meals a day with snack intervals will promote healthy digestion. Research by Harvard Health found that those who did not eat regularly weighed more than those who ate small portions on schedule. It is easy to forget to eat properly because of work and family responsibilities. Missing meals will cause havoc on the digestive system as the body goes into starvation mode to reserve calories. Eating on schedule allows for the normal digestive process to occur.

Add Fiber to Your Diet

2. Add Fiber to Your Diet

The experts at WebMD note that people need 25 grams of fiber each day but should be added to your diet along with more water to give time for your digestive tract to adapt to the changes in fiber intake. A diet high in fiber adds a host of benefits including the prevention of digestive issues like hemorrhoids and irritable bowel syndrome. Fiber is also the secret to avoiding hernia complications as you are much less likely to suffer from constipation and strains when you have a healthy digestive system.

Hydrate Your Body

3. Hydrate Your Body

According to the experts at Nutrition Today, adults should drink at a minimum of 2 liters of water per day. Along with fiber, water consumption is critical for a healthy digestive tract as fiber draws upon water consumption to create a soft stool. As it is estimated that up to 70 million Americans suffer from gastrointestinal diseases, the loss of hydration leads to diarrhoea with is a prevalent issue that causes damage to the small intestine.

Limit Fatty Foods

4. Limit Fatty Foods

A vital component for healthy digestion is the protein accessible in lean meats. You should also avoid fat-containing meats as it complicates digestion. You must reduce any of the foods that are high in fat content as it increases the risk of constipation. If you eat fatty foods, make sure you balance it with fiber to make digestion easier to manage.

Add Probiotics to Your Diet

5. Add Probiotics to Your Diet

Probiotics are critical to your diet as they add healthy bacteria that aids in digestion. As your stomach houses gut microbiota, the probiotics balance out the presence of the unhealthy bacteria that causes stress on the stomach. As the stress causes damage to the stomach and small intestine, it also breaks down the lining of the enteric system and disrupts communication between the nervous system and brain. When probiotics are introduced, the gut microbiota promotes stronger immune and digestive systems. Yogurt is a great source of probiotics, but you can also take a supplement as well.

By adjusting your lifestyle choices, getting daily exercise, and managing your stress levels with yoga or meditation, your body will receive additional benefits from each recommendation.
 API Design Tips That Will Help You

We have put together some really useful REST API design tips that any developer can use to improve their APIs by a huge margin. As professionals who have been working in the software development industry for over a decade, we are familiar with dozens of backend solutions that come out each year. However, what matters most is that an API is straightforward and easy to implement. The restful design is by far the best for all types of web APIs. Plus, REST is beneficial because it separates an API into its logical resources which can be accessed with methods like Put, Delete, GET, Post, etc. That said below are a couple of tips which all API developers will find useful.

Don’t Use Verbs 

Why? Verbs make structuring the API difficult. Verbs are best reserved for actions like manipulating server-side resources. However, there isn’t a law against using verbs that said we think that using ‘Read’ is far better than ‘Get’ when the goal is to access a document. It is something that even users of the API will agree makes life easier. 

Serialization for HTTP Headers

The other important step you’ll want to take is to use HTTP headers for serialization formats. Both the client as well as the server need to know which format is used for communication. The format then needs to be addressed as part of the header. Then the Content-Type addresses the request and ‘Accept’ is to define a list of all the formats which are accepted as a response.

The Effective Use of Paging 

Using offset and limit are very important since it is a part of all databases and happens to be flexible for those using it. The default is limited to just 20 while the offset can be set to ‘0’. You can also use code like HTTP header: X-Total-Count which will list all the entries.

Linking the previous and next page also has to be addressed in the HTTT header. It makes following the values in the header essential and not merely build URLs on your own.

HTTP Method Override Should Be Enabled

Some proxies only support two methods, i.e. Post and Get. If you need to use a RESTful API within the confines of these limitations, then the API will have to override the HTTP method. The way you can do this is to use a custom designed HTTP Header X-HTTP which will effectively override the POST method. 

Snapshots of Dashboard Data 

The biggest drawback of using any subresources is when a client wants to access data across one of them, that is near impossible for something like the dashboard display. Take for instance a software designed to allow the manager to see performance across the entire week.

However, before you do anything to the API, you have two alternatives. You can use multiple URIs, which will point to virtually the same resource. That means adding another URI within the query. Though you’ll need to make adjustments to eliminate duplication of the top level orders URL to GET requests.

The other approach is to use snapshots. It is in some instances the most efficient approach since it feels as though it's not querying a database. Though this particular approach requires better knowledge of the API.

Auto Translate 

Today’s world is multi-lingual, and so APIs shouldn’t be limited to just one language either. So, if you are developing an application using multiple languages the internal code needs to be translated. One way to do this is to allow the person using the API to define their language using the ‘Accept-Language’ HTTP header. The other method can be more complicated and beyond the scope of this article.
5 Hormones with a Major Effect on Your Health and Fitness - Tipsmonk

No matter which activity you do to keep healthy and fit, it all boils down to hormone reactions. These body elements play a significant role and must remain in a certain balance for optimum performance. When people want to achieve certain health and fitness goals, they can alter the level of hormones and achieve this with ease. Any reputable fitness gear like steroids mix works by boosting hormones that promote muscle growth. If you are a fitness enthusiast, it is crucial to understand how various hormones work in your body.

Human Growth Hormone

People who want to add muscles and strength to their body will always go for this hormone. It is the one responsible for the growth of human beings. The pituitary gland produces more human growth hormone in young humans, and the production declines in adults. It is at its peak during puberty as the young adult starts to gain muscles.
People in fitness can optimize the levels of the human growth through supplements and legal steroids. Doctors also administer the hormone to boost retarded growth in patients.


Every human being produces some level of this hormone. It is one of the popular options people in fitness centers have to boost their workout levels. Contrary to what most people think, the hormone also is present in women, although at low levels. Boosting the levels in both males and females promotes fat loss and increases muscles and strength. It must be taken in the right amount and preferably after tests by a qualified medical doctor to know how much more you need to achieve your fitness goals.


Estrogen is another hormone that is important in fitness rooms. It is also surrounded by a misconception that it is only present in females. Men also have estrogen, although in very low levels. Basically, this is the hormone responsible for reproduction in women; it boosts sex drive.

Numerous research studies and reports have supported that the hormone will boost fitness recovery and increased focus. Further, it also affects the levels at which fat is stored in the body.


The hormone is responsible for regulation of stress during exercise through energy regulation. The hormone will enable someone to engage in workouts even after the body feels stressed. Most people in fitness have boosted their cortisol especially when doing endurance training. It will also boost recovery through the increased levels of energy. Probably, this is a much-needed hormone boost for athletes and other fitness enthusiasts.


If you ask most people, they associate insulin with diabetes. However, in the right amounts, insulin is great for metabolism in the body. It is released as a result of carbs, and it allows cells to absorb glucose. Therefore, they are able to process the energy. There is danger in having too much insulin in the body, which can lead to type 2 diabetes. A frequent check of insulin levels is crucial to understand where one is.

With the hormones highlighted here, you can regulate the main activities of the body to stay healthy and fit. Ensure that a doctor’s report is acquired before elevating any of these hormones directly.

Suffering from Drug Addiction - Here are Some Tips

The numbers don't lie. Approximately 19.6 million Americans struggle with substance addiction of some kind. Drug addiction is clearly reaching epidemic levels and needs to be addressed now.

If you or someone you know is struggling with drug addiction, here are some tips to help them overcome the struggle. 

1. Find What the Costs Are

Take some time to look deep inside yourself and find out what your addiction costs you. Is it your family? Your future? Your present?

Take the time to seriously contemplate this to give yourself some perspective. Is your addiction worth throwing your relationship with your family and friends away? Is it worth a life and a future of diminishing returns?

When you step back and look at your life in an objective, impartial manner, you will begin to see what the costs of drug addiction are for you. Consider using age-old techniques such as meditations and yoga to gain such a perspective.

Once you get these facts about yourself, you'll be able to move on with more clarity.

2. Realize You Are Not Alone

As stated, drug addiction is a widespread problem. It is also a problem that people, for various reasons, tend to hide. Chances are you know several people who are dealing with drug addiction but hiding it from the outside world.

When you open up about your addiction and begin to embrace the community, reaching out to them for help, you're able to create a support system.

Don't be ashamed of your drug addiction. Realize that you are not alone in this struggle, and do not hesitate to reach out for help.

3. Find a Treatment Center

At a treatment center, you will be able to get the professional help you need to get you off and keep you off drugs.

If drug addiction is wreaking serious havoc on your life, and you have tried to quit time and time again, only to relapse, then entering a treatment center is your best bet. Treatment centers are an ideal method to pursue if you are addicted to heavy drugs, such as heroin.

Many areas of the United States are experiencing a heroin epidemic, and it is affecting millions. In Jacksonville, Florida, for example, city officials are calling it a public health emergency. If you live in that area and are dealing with drug addiction, you are encouraged to check into a Jacksonville treatment center.

While in this center, you will be surrounded by people in the exact same situation as you. If you thought you were alone, your time in the treatment center will quickly prove that wrong.

4. Face the Pain You Are Avoiding

Many people become addicted to drugs in order to mask deep psychological or emotional pain. If you are one of these people, it is important that during your recovery, you recognize and confront this pain.

Dealing with the pain in a definitive manner will reduce the risk of a relapse. By confronting this pain, you are eliminating your reason for drug use.

There are substance abuse counselors, social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists that specialize in these cases. Seek them out and they will guide you along your journey toward living a healthy drug-free life.

If you are fighting a battle with drug addiction, know that you have set yourself on the right path by reading this. If you know someone who is addicted, please use these tips to help them on their recovery journey. Addiction is a far-reaching problem, so we all have to be part of the solution.

The Best Fitness Style for Your Body Shape - Tipsmonk

If you are new to fitness, you probably did not know that different body shapes require various fitness approaches. The mention of the pear or apple body shape could be a new thing altogether. Now that you are here, this is the best opportunity to learn what all this new information means. Most women who have been in fitness for a long time and have been applying the right strategies based on their body shape can attest that results are great. Some of them even go ahead to use reliable gear from websites like steroid-seller, which further enhances the results.

The Straight Body Shape

Some women have this body shape. It is easy to identify this as your body shape when your shoulder measurements are the same as those of the tummy and hip areas. According to many, this is the perfect body shape of a supermodel especially when maintained well through workouts and diet.

When it comes to exercises, it is crucial to select those that work the core thoroughly to avoid the risks of a big tummy. Also, ensure that the glutes are worked well to keep them toned. Since all parts are equal, you also want to focus on the upper body to avoid giving too much focus to one area and leaving out the other. Squats, lunges, leg presses and weightlifting will do the trick.

The Pear Body Shape

Looking like a pear means you have a larger hip area and a smaller tummy area. It makes a woman appear to have bigger hips and a bigger butt. Most women now want this shape because they claim that it makes them more attractive. Again, it is easy to maintain it through exercise and diet.

Give more focus to the upper area so that it does not appear weak. Ensure that the arms, shoulders and the chest are well toned. If you can focus on exercises that create larger breasts, then this will be a great approach. However, the core area and the lower body should also receive moderate exercise to keep them tight and in good shape.

The Apple Body Shape

Another popular body shape is the apple. Women with this shape will know it if their shoulders are larger than the hip area. They will also have smaller thighs and legs than their upper area. This body shape almost looks like an inverted triangle.

The main focus is to grow the lower body and make it look attractive. On top of eating an appropriate diet, ensure that you complete enough squats, legs presses, jumping jacks and jogging. They will nicely promote the hip, thigh and butt areas to grow bigger. In the meantime, remember that the arms and shoulders need to moderately keep fit as well.

If you are lucky enough to have any of these body shapes, then you already know what to do when it comes to fitness. There are numerous tutorials out there on the best workout schedules that you can select to promote your fitness. Choose them well, using the highlights provided here.